I am Adam, a Surrey Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Welcome to my Royal Holloway wedding photography page, please fee free to have a look at the photos of Emily and James taken at this wedding venue. As a Royal Holloway wedding photographer, I can’t find the words to explain the chapel’s beauty at this venue. It is simply out of this world. The painted ceiling will take your breath away, as well as the ornate gilded detailing on the walls. It is one of the most beautiful chapels I have ever been lucky enough to visit. The chapel is an exclusive venue only available to alumni, current students and staff, at this prestigious institution. It is no wonder Royal Holloway books up over a year in advance; the chapel is a grand and impressive place to exchange your vows before your friends and family. Royal Holloway is one of the most beautiful university buildings in the country, and the chapel is no exception. The impressive gilded chapel features bas-reliefs by Ceccardo Fucigna. Queen Victoria officially opened Royal Holloway University in 1886. The Grade I listed Founder’s Building features magnificent architecture dating back to the Victorian era. It feels like a French Chateau and is a truly exceptional venue for any celebration. The clock tower is considered an iconic piece of architecture at this venue. Light stone detailing frames the iconic red brick exterior, which looks beautiful. The architecture and prestige of the venue will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Royal Holloway is located in Surrey and is easy to reach from central London, ideal for far-flung guests.

Wedding Photos Slideshow of Emily & James

Reportage style Royal Holloway Wedding Photography of Emily & James

Documentary style Royal Holloway Wedding Photos

One of my favourite aspects of my work is capturing the personalities of a couple. I like my images to show who they are and how their wedding differed from other celebrations I have attended. I especially love to capture different rituals and traditions at weddings. For example, at Emily and James’ big day, I photographed the wedding crowns at this Greek Orthodox wedding. The Crowning, or Stefana, symbolise the honour bestowed upon the couple on this special day before God. The ornate rings are joined with a ribbon to symbolise the unity of the couple. One of my favourite wedding photographs of the day shows the couple, holding hands, walking through a crowd of their guests as confetti rains down on them. James and Emily are both smiling, and their guests surround them with the love and happiness you would expect at a wedding. As a reportage style photographer, I capture the day as it happens. Far from focusing on posed shots, I consider myself a storyteller with a camera. I want to capture as much of your day as possible, so you can look back and smile at the wedding photography album for years to come. Emily and James were keen to get as many natural shots as possible, and I’m pleased to say I managed it. I love the dancefloor shots from this event. I think they capture the fun atmosphere of the evening. The guests were having so much fun, and I’m glad I was about to document this with my camera. One of my favourite pictures shows a man going wild on the dancefloor, the rest of the guests are gathered around watching him dance and cheering him on. The dance floor images capture the spirit of the celebration, with plenty of laughter and dancing.

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This is a beautiful venue for your special day. James and Emily wanted to make the most of the venue and ensure the architecture featured in many pictures. The courtyard of the venue was a great place to take pictures after the ceremony. The newlyweds wanted some group shots by the statue in the courtyard. The statue is of Thomas and Jane Holloway, the philanthropists who founded the university. After the ceremony, I accompanied the newlyweds on a stroll around the grounds. Royal Holloways boasts beautiful grounds filled with mature trees and luscious greenery. As the newlyweds enjoyed some time alone after exchanging vows, I snapped away with my camera to commemorate their first hours as husband and wife. It’s always an honour to spend this time with the couple in the middle of their day. My pictures of James and Emily show the love and laughter between this sweet couple. If you’re looking for a Royal Holloway wedding photographer, please get in touch to discuss my availability. Unfortunately, I often get booked up in advance, so please contact me as soon as you have a date to avoid disappointment.

So, if you are getting married and looking for a wedding Photographer please get in touch. I am based in London, only half an hour away from Royal Holloway.