Wotton House Wedding Photographer

Wotton House wedding bride and groom open the champagne
Wotton House wedding bride and groom open the champagne

Natural Style Wedding Photos of Frederique and Tim at Wotton House

What a fantastic wedding it was!!! Beautiful couple, vibrant atmosphere, great venue, plenty of emotions, sunny weather…!!! Frederique and Tim, thank you very much for having the privilege of being part of your wedding day at Wotton House! A stunning venue near Dorking in Surrey. As a Wotton House Wedding Photographer I enjoyed the whole day itself and the location photographing this beautiful French and Swedish affair. I believe that after having a pre-wedding photo shoot with Fred and Tim we establish a very good relationship that allowed the couple to feel relaxed in from on my camera.

The day was exciting right form the begging. Fred was getting ready in the bridal suite with her bridesmaids speaking the most beautiful language in the world to each other – French! While Tim was enjoying the morning in the company of his family and friends outside.

Stanley Steam Car at Wotton House

The marriage ceremony took place outside by the columns, as the weather was perfect for this occasion. As a Wotton House wedding photographer I was privileged to witness a beautiful ceremony, full of emotions and tears. After the ceremony the couple got on a stunning Stanley steam car! Yes, a steam-engine vehicle that was around 100 years old!  What a ride we had with the couple having champagne at the back seat, you can see all the fun in the photos below. I don’t to pose my couples as I prefer natural pictures, instead we go for a walk usually around the sunset hour to get some natural private moments between the couple.

Evening Reception and Party

The reception, the speeches, and the party had many twists and exciting moments. The wedding party  clearly enjoyed the whole evening.

 If you’re looking for Surrey or London wedding photographer give me a shout. I am always happy to be Wotton House Wedding Photographer as its within a half a hour drive from my place in London.

Below are my favourite shots from Fred and Tim wedding at Wotton House, enjoy them. :)))

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  • Lorenzo Photography

    Stunning work as always Adam! Love the sunset couple portrait!

  • Ulf Lidman

    The photos are absolutely fantastic!!!

  • Monika

    Absolutely fabulous! Many extraordinary shots and the whole story told in really interesting way. A truly wonderful keepsake for an newly-weds.

  • Anna

    Magic Day !! Thanks Adam to make us dreaming again ;)

  • isabelle et laurent Rigot

    Magnifique reportage photos d’un Mariage Féerique
    Merci au super photographe

  • Marie Cecile

    Super ! Magnifique !!!

  • Maria Lidman

    Lovely and beautiful wedding pictures.

  • Freddie

    Thank you Adam for this amazing work and support. I have the impression to relive this moment every time I look at these picutres!

  • Daisy

    Such beautiful pictures, congrats!

  • Lena Rönnbäck

    Beautiful pictures of a wonderful say.

  • Lena Rönnbäck

    Beautiful pictures of a wonderful couple.

  • Jonas Rönnbäck

    Amazing photos!

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