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Hi, I am Adam and being a London wedding photographer is something that makes me feel very excited. I am specialising in reportage wedding photography with an artistic touch. Therefore for me Wedding photography is all about telling your story, understanding you, as well as your individual taste and expectations for your big day being it in London or anywhere else. It’s about observing, seeing and capturing the moments as they happen and your emotions that accompany them. My job is to translate what I see into beautiful photographs.

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As a wedding photographer I want to concentrate on your emotions so the photos will create long lasting memories. Therefore, there will be plenty of pictures of your relationship. I will be looking at the chemistry between the two of you. Gentle gestures, smiles, eye contacts, looks, body language will reveal your love and friendship. In addition, I will also photograph the love between you and your family and friends and of course there will be plenty of photos of your chosen venue here in London or anywhere else. I will shoot your wedding through my eyes, but I will listen to you beforehand. That is to say, I want to find out what you like and want so that you will be happy with your wedding photos.

Natural Style for Couples who Don’t Like Posing

Above all, every wedding is different and unique, and yours will be too. And it doesn’t matter if you hold it in London or anywhere else in the world.  As you will see in portfolio my style is natural and documentary. It focuses on telling your story. Therefore I follow the events of the day. And I capture real moments as they happen and don’t take many posed photos. I am like a “Fly on the Wall”, and I will ask you to ignore me on your day. It’s my job to make you feel at ease. I want you to “forget” that someone is taking photos of you. Relax, enjoy and celebrate your wedding day with your family and friends as much as you can.

Celebrate Your Day in London

All you have to do is simply enjoy your wedding day. I am there to document all the key moments, from the bridal preparations all the way through to the first dance, all in a creative way – without staging. As a result you simply celebrate your day and I capture it. Sometimes I stay a bit longer into the night (as we may have agreed) but I usually stop taking photographs later in the night just before people start to be “unphotogenic” if you know what I mean. Plus I still want to get back to my home in London before midnight.

Wedding Portfolio

London Wedding Photography Portfolio flower girls waiting for the bride to arrive

Photographing Cultural Diversity at London Weddings

London is a place that offers access to fantastic ethnic, religious and non-religious diversity. Of course there are the traditional English weddings, but also Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Greek, Asian, Polish, Chinese, Nigerian and many many more. Did you know that there are over 300 languages spoken in London? It’s not only Polish, Greek, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese but also Persian and Russian….the list is endless.
On Friday you could be shooting an English wedding, on Saturday an Asian reception and on Sunday a Jewish or Greek wedding and on Monday you can witness a Chinese tea ceremony, part of the Chine celebrations. With so much diversity, wedding photography in London is always fascinating. The beauty in taking photos and learning about the various cultures and traditions is amazing, including the different types of music, cuisine, customs and clothing.

Relaxed and Natural Style Wedding Photography in London

If I am a photographer at your wedding I would like to take photos as if I were one of your guests. I will observe, blend in and capture all the important moments as thy happen without staging or directing them, this will make you relax and the images will be natural. So that you will be able to cherished the photos with your children and grandchildren for years to come. Contact me to find out my availability and the prices.

Wedding Photography in London

I have been shooting weddings professionally since 2011, and being chosen by a couple is always a great privilege for me. I have been photographing different cultural types of weddings professionally not only in London, and the rest of UK but also in Europe and beyond. For a wedding photographer London is an amazing place, with some great wedding venues like Syon Park , Landmark Hotel St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Tower Bridge, The Old Marylebone Town Hall, De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, The Langham Hotel London and mamy many more.

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“The Champagne and the flowers will be gone, but the pictures will last for ever.”