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As an established and experienced Surrey wedding photographer, I am well acquainted with the stunning wedding venues in and around Surrey. I have photographed weddings at venues across the county, and as a result know my way around a lot of the picturesque venues Surrey has to offer. I love photographing happily ever afters in this area, and am proud to be one of Surrey’s finest wedding photographers.

I know just how important your wedding day is, and how much you want the photographs to be just perfect. I know that you’ve spent months, if not years, planning this day and that you want everything to be perfect. I know that you spent hours picking out those table centrepieces, and that you will be blown away by how good they look on the day, and I know how important it is for you to have a perfect photograph of them in your wedding album.

The rolling hills, idyllic countryside and beautiful weather this county has to offer are just a few of the reasons why I love being a wedding photographer Surrey. This combined with the historic and exquisite venues on offer, makes Surrey a pretty special place to get married. I photograph weddings all over the globe, and have been invited to photograph weddings on the opposite side of the world, and yet some of my favourite wedding venues are right on my doorstep in Surrey.

I specialise in natural, reportage style photography. Like a documentary maker, I stand back and capture things as they happen. I blend into the background, and capture the day with my camera. My photographs will tell the story of your day, from the moment you start getting ready until the end of my working day. I will take hundreds of photographs, capturing everything from the cutting of the cake to your Great Aunt Linda laughing outside the church.

I will capture the big moments, and know how important these once in a lifetime shots are – walking down the aisle, saying I do, and the first dance, for example. But I’ll also capture the little moments. The hand holding, the tears of joy and the laughter during the speeches. My photographs will help you to relive the day, and they’ll also show you the bits you missed. As the bride and groom, you’ll both be pretty busy on the day itself. You’ll spend most of the day chatting and laughing, and the night will disappear in a blur on the dancefloor. Whilst you’re busy enjoying yourself, I’ll be your eyes. Capturing the moments I think you’d love to see, as well as making sure to take photographs of all of your friends and family having fun.

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I pride myself in taking photos unobtrusively. I won’t be barking at you from the sidelines, instead I’ll just be snapping away at the beauty, love and friendship I find on the day. Weddings are such special occasions. Surrounded by your friends and family, with everyone on their best behaviour and in their smartest clothes; it’s a great chance to capture the atmosphere and ambience through photography. I make sure that photographs capture the laughter, emotions and excitement of the day. From your Grandma wiping her eyes with a tissue during your vows, to the excited screams of the children racing around the grounds before the wedding, my photographs bring the day to life.

I also love taking artistic shots, and love finding the beauty in very natural and normal moments. As you spend time together straight after the ceremony, laughing and chatting about the day so far, I will take a number of photographs of you together. To make sure you look as natural as possible, I won’t be telling you what to do, instead I’ll just be looking for the best shot, the perfect angle and the dreamy lighting to make your wedding photos as beautiful as possible.

Deciding who will be your Surrey wedding photographer is a pretty big deal. Your wedding photographs will be a keepsake you can keep forever, so it’s important you get them just right. That’s why I think it’s really important that we meet in person. It gives you both a chance to get to know me, to find out more about how I work, and for me to hear more about your wedding plans. We can sit down together over a coffee, and I can show you my portfolio whilst you show me your Pinterest board. You can tell me what you like and don’t like, and I can think of ways to create a wedding album you’re guaranteed to love until the end of time.

Natural and Relaxed Style Wedding Photography in Surrey

My job is to create the perfect wedding album for your wedding, and that means getting everything just right. I pride myself on doing just that, and am always thrilled to discover that the bride and groom think I’ve got it spot on. I’ve been a wedding photographer Surrey for quite a while now, and as a result I have already had the privilege of photographing weddings in some of the county’s most breath-taking venues. I already know the best spots for photographs, and the hidden quiet locations dotted around the grounds.

No matter how many times I’ve worked at a venue, I will always do a recce in the weeks leading up to the wedding. I’ll take my camera, and have a walk round the venue. I’ll be looking for new and interesting photo locations, as well as getting to grips with the lighting in the venue. Gardens can change hugely depending on the season, and I always visit just before to make sure I know exactly where the most beautiful spots are.

I’ll think carefully about exactly what you want from your wedding photographer Surrey, and make sure I find the right backdrops and locations to ensure you get what you want. If it’s artistic glamour you want, I’ll be looking for stunning locations for nighttime silhouette shots. If it’s rustic chic you’re after, I’ll be looking for the simple beauty of rusting window frames, clear brick walls and wooden benches that will catch my eye. And if you want an aerial shot capturing all of your guests, I’ll be exploring the venue to find the best place to take this from.