Painshill Park in Surrey proved itself to be the perfect venue for Asian couple. This is where Manga and Thars celebrated their wedding. It houses the magnificent eighteenth century formal gardens. Which were originally created by the Honorable Charles Hamilton between 1738 and 1773. Painshill Park became a registered charity back in 1981. And since then much valuable work has been done to restore the amazing landscaping and gardens back to their original design. In 1998 the rare Europa Nostra Medal was awarded to Painshill for its exemplary restoration. Over 80,000 visitors a year now visit the park. Including His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales. He is the Royal Patron of the Painshill Park Trust. He also visits regularly to view the on-going restoration of the 18th century landscape and its iconic follies. As a Painshill Park wedding photographer, I am conscious of the beauty and history behind this glorious venue. And I was happy to be able to take shots of the couple during the day showing the elegant symmetry of the formal gardens stretching out behind them.

Wedding Photos of Manga and Thars at Painshill Park in Cobham, Surrey

Painshill Park Asian Wedding Photography in Surrey

I had actually met Manga and Thars a year ago. Asian friends of theirs got married. And I was the photographer at their wedding. They were kind enough to recommend me to Manga and Thars. It was such a joy for me to be invited to photograph their ceremonies too. And I was grateful for the opportunity to get to know this lovely couple a little better throughout the two days of their wedding. This was actually the second day of their wedding celebrations. The traditional Indian (Tamil) religious ceremony had taken place the day before at the Sattavis Patidar Center in Wembley, so Painshill Park is where the couple and their friends and family gathered to register the marriage on day two of the proceedings. They exchanged their rings in front of the registrar in Western style. They put their signature on the marriage document. Relative and close friends are traditionally invited to this ceremony. Asian wedding photographers are lucky enough to participate in two separate types of ceremonies. According to Asian Wedding traditions, and I was privileged to be able to share in the joy and love these two special people have for each other through both days of festivities. I enjoyed every minute of the vibrant and colourful celebrations.

I was intrigued to show shots of the intricate mehndi. Beautiful henna designs on the bride’s hands. This is traditionally applied to the hands and feet in a party for the bride and her bridesmaids and girlfriends the night before the wedding. It is said that you can tell how well a new bride is being treated by her in-laws by how long it takes for the mehndi to wear off! The mehndi designs, combined with the Western style rings, gown and formal wear worn by the bride and groom reflect the coming together of Asian and Western wedding traditions in an exquisite way. What a dazzling combination of cultures! It is also every photographer’s dream. Of course, to be able to capture the glorious, vivid colours of the saris worn by the guests and family members at an Asian wedding So that was an extra special treat.

The day ended with an amazing reception, full of lively dancing and music. And, of course, terrific Indian food. Food is a very important component of Asian weddings. Full of symbolism and meaning. What better way to finish up the two days of events than by partying the night away! Indian receptions tend to be exuberant and energetic affairs. And this one was certainly no exception. In general, everyone is expected to dance and the feeling of universal good cheer and enjoyment was totally infectious. It is impossible not to have fun at an Asian wedding! I think I captured this spirit in my wedding photos. From one shot to the next you the see the laughter, the joy and the love in everyone’s faces as they came together to celebrate the joining together of Manga and Thars.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them both for allowing me to share in their wedding. And I wish them a very long and happy life together!

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