I was so pleased when Bharkavy and Edwin asked me to be their Northbrook Park Wedding Photographer. They are such a lovely couple, and had chosen a beautiful venue in one of my favourite seasons. I love photographing spring weddings, and the vibrant colours of the flowers this seasons has to offer. As I pulled up at Northbrook Park, I was pleased to see the drive lined with bright yellow daffodils, and I had to climb out of the car to take my first photograph of what was to be a wonderful wedding.

Northbrook Park is one of the wedding venues that truly does take your breath away. I can’t help but feel lucky that I spend my working days in elegant venues surrounded by beautiful gardens, and Northbrook Park was no exception. The park is nestled amongst the Surrey countryside and surrounded by idyllic views, so as a Northbrook Park wedding photographer there are a number of nature’s backdrops to choose from. The ivy-covered eighteenth century house is set within 120 acres of parkland.

Documentary style Northbrook Park Wedding Photography

I specialise in reportage style photography, and love capturing the laughter, fun and emotion of the day. There’s a great photograph of Edwin and his friend posing for a selfie before the wedding. I think it’s a great shot, and really reflects the time we live in. Bharkavy and Edwin asked me to capture as much of the ceremony as possible. They didn’t just want the first kiss and the I do, they also wanted all the in between moments. They wanted my photographs to tell the story of their ceremony, and to remind them of how they felt as they took that step together. There’s a great photo of Edwin putting the ring of Bharkavy’s finger, as they gazed at each other. The ceremony room had white painted walls, white shiny floors, and the sunlight was streaming in through the windows, which gives the photographs a brightly lit and contemporary feel.

Wedding Photos of Bharkavy and Edwin at Northbrook Park in Surrey

Tamil Civil ceremony with Champagne and Peacock at the venue

One of my favourite photographs from my day as a Northbrook Park wedding photographer was taken as Bharkavy and Edwin left the ceremony venue together. As they stepped out, hand in hand, through the french doors, their friends and family threw confetti into the air. The photograph is particularly beautiful because of the amazing colours on display at the wedding. On the left hand side of the photograph, the men are dressed in suits of navy, black and charcoal grey. The bride stands in the middle of the shot, illuminated in her white dress, and to her right, are the vibrant colours of the dresses of the female guests. It’s a beautiful shot, and really highlights the beauty of the colours traditionally worn to Asian weddings. Another of my favourite shots from this wedding, was taken inside the ceremony room. After the guests had departed to drink champagne on the lawn, and the room was being packed away, we snuck back their to take a few photographs. The room was so bright and white, I knew it would make an excellent location for photos. I wanted to make the most of the reflective floor, and so stayed at the far end of the room while the Bharkavy and Edwin stood together in the doorway. It’s such a great photograph, and one that I hope is now framed on a wall of their home. Bharkavy and Edwin asked me to stay for the reception, and photograph long into the night. Never one to pass up a party, I of course agreed. The dance floor was full all night, and there were plenty of drinks being enjoyed. It was a great party to photograph, and there are some brilliant shots of dancing, leaping and friends having fun together. The great thing about having your wedding photographer stay until the end of the evening, is that the drinks and dancing are captured on film, but without the blur you get if the photos are taken by a slightly inebriated guest.

Asian Wedding Photography at Northbrook Park in Surrey

I am an experienced and professional wedding photographer with a wide range of experience. From Asian wedding photography at Northbrook Park in Surrey, to Jewish wedding photography in Israel, I have travelled the world photographing weddings. I love weddings, and understand how important good photography is to both the bride and groom, as well as to the guests who want to look back on an amazing day. If you would like to speak to me about your wedding, please get in touch.

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