When Sharon and Yoni asked me to be their Jewish wedding photographer, I was honoured. I love photographing the traditions and rituals unique to a Jewish wedding, and am experienced in Jewish wedding photography in London. I am familiar with the traditions, and understand how important it is that each of these cultural rituals is properly documented in the wedding album.

When Sharon and Yoni asked me to do their London Jewish wedding photography, they were very clear about what they wanted – documentary style photography. They wanted each and every moment captured, so that they could relive the wedding time and time again. I am experienced in documentary wedding photography in London, so was really pleased when they said that was what they wanted.

To be sure I captured as much of the day as possible, I split my time in the morning between both Sharon and Yoni. I was with Sharon at her family home as she prepared for the day, I photographed her playing in the garden with her siblings, and joking around with her close friends and family. There’s a beautiful photograph of Sharon on the swing in the back garden, it’s probably one of my favourites from the day.

After that, I made my way across to where Yoni was. Surrounded by male friends and family, Yoni was reading the Torah aloud. There were a few last minute wedding preparations to be done, including some official religious business, so I photographed Yoni going about his duties.

Jewish Wedding Photos of Sharon and Yoni at Allianz Park in Hendon, London

Jewish wedding Photography in London

I am an experienced and professional wedding photographer, and have photographed a number of Jewish weddings. I have photographed Jewish ceremonies in London, and have also flown out to Israel to photograph a number of ceremonies. Thanks to these amazing experiences, I know all about the Jewish traditions and rituals that can be included in Jewish wedding ceremonies. I love the rituals and traditions that vary between cultures, and love capturing these important events with my camera.

I specialise in documentary style wedding photography, and pride myself on my ability to tell a story with my photographs. I think it’s important that a wedding album has a narrative, showing everything that happened that day. Not just the big bits – like the ceremony and first dance – but the equally important in between moments too. They calming deep breath inhaled by the bride before she starts her walk down the aisle, the tears in the groom’s face as he sees his beautiful bride for the first time, and the laughter shared during the speeches. To me, these moments are just as important as the traditional wedding ingredients, and deserve to be captured and treasured.

If you are looking for a photographer who can provide excellent documentary wedding photography in London, please get in touch. Together, we can discuss your ideas for your wedding album, and you can explain what it is you’re looking for from a photographer. In return, I can give you ideas and share with you some of my expertise, while letting you know more about the services I offer.

Orthodox Jewish weddings Photography

During the ceremony itself, I photographed the unveiling of the bride, the wine blessing, the scripture, the breaking of the glass, and, of course, the happiness Sharon and Yoni shared as they exchanged vows. These photographs are great because they narrate the wedding perfectly. Each smile, each laugh, each tradition is documented and can be remembered forever. After the ceremony, the newlyweds made their way out of the ceremony room, and prepared to be congratulated by their guests.

I made my way around the venue, photographing the guests as they laughed, joked and shared stories with old friends. It was a big wedding, and was lovely to see the two families getting on so well, and I’m pleased I was able to capture that with my camera.

Sharon and Yoni wanted some more traditional wedding photos too, so we made our way outside to take some posed shots of the happy couple. The photographs are lovely, and show a happy couple in love and excited to start their lives together. One of my favourite photographs from the day shows Sharon alone in an empty church. She is standing in the middle of the shot, lit by the sunlight shining through the high windows, and surrounded by the dark and shadows you might expect in an old church.

For the rest of the day, I photographed the dance floor, the newlyweds and their guests having a wonderful time. The dance floor was one of the liveliest I have ever seen, and I think the pictures capture that energy.

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