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Jewish Wedding Photographer 10
Jewish Wedding Photographer 10

Jewish Wedding Photography

If you are looking for a Natural Style Jewish Wedding Photographer who photographs weddings in London, UK, Europe and Israel, you came to the right place. Please scroll down to see a small selection of my favourite images from the number of Jewish weddings that I had a privilege to photograph over the years.

Mazel Tov!!!

I’ll capture the traditions and rituals included in your wedding day. All weddings are unique, so you may choose to include a selection of traditional Jewish customs as well as perhaps some from other cultures in your big day. I will make sure each of these traditions is recorded in your wedding album as a celebration of the moments that made your day unique. From the signing of the Ketubah, to the Bedecken ceremony, the breaking of the glass to the Horah. Your wedding album will tell the complete story of your day, from the butterflies you’ll feel in your tummy first thing in the morning right through to the moves you’ll be throwing on the dance floor by the end of the evening.

Jewish Wedding Photography UK, Israel & Destinations.

I have even travelled to Israel on numerous occasions to photograph a number of traditional wedding celebrations over there. I love to travel, and it was an amazing experience to visit Israel and see the breathtaking scenery and cultural heritage on offer. I have photographed both orthodox and reform Jewish weddings.

I am an experienced Jewish wedding photographer London and I am familiar with the various cultural and religious traditions that make Jewish weddings so special. I understand the importance of the bedeken, arguably one of the most emotional parts of the wedding, when the groom covers his bride with a veil before the ceremony. The chuppah is a canopy, symbolising the couple’s marital home, under which the wedding ceremony takes place, and I have had the honour of photographing some beautiful ones across the world. The reading of the Ketubah is an important historical tradition still favoured by many modern Jewish couples tying the knot.

Natural Style Jewish Wedding Photography in London, rest of UK and Israel

There is a lot of symbolism in Jewish wedding traditions, such as the Sheva B’rachot. These seven blessings are said to represent the seven days of creation. The blessings are said during the ceremony. Some couples are bound together before the blessings to symbolise the strength of unity.

The dance floor is always a fun place to photograph at a Jewish wedding, as friends and family members join together to throw some moves on the floor. The Horah in particular is guaranteed to be a hit, as wedding guests join together in a big circles on the dance floor. The guests hold hands or link arms and then dance around in a circle, it is fast and lively, and makes for some fun wedding photos.

So, if you are looking for a Jewish wedding photographer and you want to find out more, check my availability or simply ask a few questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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