Hi, I am Adam, an Asian Wedding Photographer and Videographer based in London. Bharkavy and Edwin are a fantastic couple, and planned to celebrate their wedding over two days as is traditional for a Tamil wedding ceremony. I was looking forward to photographing both days, but felt particularly excited about the traditional Asian Tamil wedding taking place on the first day. I am a huge fan of tradition and culture, and love being invited to photograph the different wedding rituals and traditions that make a wedding unique.

Bharkavy’s hands, wrists and arms had been decorated in intricate mehndi detailing. It looked amazing, and the patterns were unique for her. I love the photograph of her hands, and hope it will remind her of the night before her wedding, spent with her close friends and family as the mehndi was applied.

As is traditional in Tamil weddings, Bharkavy was adorned with jewellery on her wedding day. The jewellery is often passed down through families, and can hold great sentimental value to the couple getting married. The bride putting on her jewellery is an important moment, and I photographed this moment as Bharkavy’s friends and family helped her to get ready. Once she was ready, Bharkavy posed for some photographs in her full wedding attire.

Wedding Photos of Bharkavy and Edwin at Sattavis Patidar Centre in Wembley, London

The Sattavis Patidar centre is located in Wembley, in London. The building was designed by a collective of architects and designers, and is used for Asian wedding ceremonies, receptions and other cultural celebrations. The building is filled with cultural artefacts, religious symbols and beautiful detailing, I was honoured to take Sattavis Patidar Asian wedding photography.

The ceremony room was beautiful, and I spent some time photographing the decorations and important wedding objects in preparation for the ceremony. Tamil weddings are also a celebration of two families coming together, and this is reflected in the service. The two families give and receive gifts to mark this momentous occasion.

The Sattavis Patidar centre is simply beautiful, and one of my favourite photographs from the day was taken before the ceremony had begun. As Edwin sat under the mandap, waiting to greet his bride, I made my way to the back of the room to photograph the mandap in all its glory. The photograph is beautiful, with the neutral tones of the room contrasting with the vibrant colours of the mandap and the ceremonial objects underneath.

The ceremony was a huge celebration with over a hundred people present. I made my way up to the balcony to photograph the room for above, because I wanted to capture the sheer scale of the celebration.

After Bharkavy and Edwin had greeted and thanked all of their guests for attending, it was time to take some posed group shots. The day is as much about celebrating the union of two families as it is about the marriage of two people, and the photographs reflect this. There’s a great photo of both of their families under the mandap. It’s such a beautiful and colourful photograph, with the grandparents at the back, and a sleeping baby in a car seat at the front of the group.

Then it was time to take some photographs of the newlyweds alone. There is a beautiful photograph of the two of them dressed in their full wedding attire, leaning on a wall together inside the Sattavis Patidar Centre. They are both still wearing their garlands, and looked so happy and content after the ceremony.

One of my favourite photographs from the day was taken outside the centre. As the day came to an end, we made our way out into the streets of Wembley. The street lights gave off a beautiful yellow glow, and the couple were sheltering together under an umbrella. Dressed in their golden wedding attire and jewellery, the glow from the street lights is perfect for the photograph.

Asian Tamil Wedding Photography at Sattavis Patidar Center in Wembley

I love my job as a wedding photographer. I am experienced in Asian wedding photography at Sattavis Patidar Centre in Wembley, but have also photographed at many other locations across the world. I am based in London, but am happy to travel for my work. If you would like to discuss photography for your wedding, please get in touch.