Pre Wedding Photography at Virginia Water | Sara + Anojan


Pre Wedding Photography at Virginia Water

Sunrise Sunrise Sunrise!

Sara and Anojan were very keen on the idea of capturing the sunrise and having a photo session in the morning as their pre wedding photography at Virginia Water. So yes, we walk up very early on that day to catch the sunrise at Virginia Water. As you can imagine its always a bit of hit a miss with the weather in the UK, but we were very lucky and yes, we had a clean sky and a beautiful sun coming out from behind the trees. Morning light is a very contrasty and demanding light, and its probably the best to use it as a back light and get a nice flare  :)!!!

Walk in Virginia Water

We went for a stroll with Sara and Anojan around the pond where I was capturing naturally their interactions, dances and laughs. We had a very good time in the morning which allowed us to bond and get to know each other much more before their big day.

Below is a selection of my favorite photos from the pre wedding photos shoot with Sara and Anojan.

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  • Patryk Stanisz

    Nice photos! Sara and Anojan look very happy! :)

  • Chezhian

    Kool da …both looking cute

  • Kevin Belson

    Lovley. Well done for getting up for sunrise.

  • Adams Photo Art Photography

    It was a very easy and almost a pleasure :)))

  • steven rooney

    Beautiful work and lovely light too.

  • Mona Ali

    Man what gorgeous light!! Stunning shots Adam and well worth the early rise!!!

    • Adams Photography

      Thanks a lot Mona, it was definitely worth getting up early in the morning to catch the sunrise, the couple was vary keen on doing it :)))

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