We went for a Pre Wedding photo shoot to Algarve, Portugal where Gobi proposed to Saranya :)

Saranya and Gobi were very keen on going to Algavre in Portugal for they pre wedding photo shoot. Apart from the beautiful beaches, cliffs and sunny weather and fantastic sea food there was one more very important reason for them to go. One of the cliffs is the spot where Gobi proposed to Saranya while on their holiday a year earlier.

It was a great privilege for me to be part of their experience there in Algarve. We went on Friday afternoon taking a flight to Faro from London, arriving quite late that night to a lovely apartment in Albufeira. Quick sleep and we got ready for the sunrise photos on the beach in Albufeira.  Had breakfast in the center of town, got change and went to the Praia de Marinha to revisit the spot where Gobi Asked. We took some lovely photos there on the cliffs. After that we decided to go for the sunset photography to Praia dos Tres Irmaos stopping by Portimao for few photos in the port boulevard. It was a great and intense day and we were exhausted. But managed to get also a lovely Sunday morning session in Albufeira town before we went back to London.

So you will see pre wedding photos taken at different spots in Algarve with the fantastic couple whose wedding is in June. I can’t wait:)

The experience in their words :

“Adam has become a friend to us over the last few years, where he has been the photographer for our friends and family at their religious nuptials and wedding reception parties and we have met him a number of times. When we booked him for our weddings, we were completely confident, after all he has produced such amazing photographs and we were always so comfortable when around him. 

Engagement Photos of Saranya and Gobi in Algarve, Portugal

So here we go :)

However when the day for our pre-wedding shoot arrived, the nerves started to hit. Not because of Adam but because the attention was all on us. Despite being a friend, he takes his job very seriously and we knew that he wasn’t going to let us off! For those who have met him, Adam is never far from a camera, so you know that no embarrassing moment will be uncaptured! However, from our journey out to Algarve, throughout the weekend and until the end of the trip, he made us feel like we were on holiday rather than there for a photoshoot and we felt completely relaxed! The only stressful things were to not miss the sunset and what outfits to wear and when – however, this was inevitable considering we had one full day to produce so many looks! From the very beginning, he made an effort to keep us calm and made us realise that there was no need to worry or be conscious – we just had to be ourselves and try to ignore him. Even though this sounds like something that every wedding photographer would say, it was literally what we followed and did. 

His skill at capturing the moment is just something else. That split second, where you may look half-decent, he catches it! He knew exactly what to say and instruct us to do, i.e. “Gobi, look up and play with your sunglasses” or “Saranya, play with your hair”; may sound strange, but it was this advice that got us these photos! J

Although we had researched and chosen some areas to take the photos, Adam also went out of his way and found locations with great scenery to take shots; this was one of the ways that he went over and beyond. You will see in the below video clip the way he monkeyed around trying to get the best angle for the sunset shot. If we set the scene for you, it was cold, we were tired, it was getting dark and the cliff was very unpredictable with its steps, slopes and bushes. This didn’t stop Adam. He literally shouted to us from the cliff on the other side (you will see his spot when you see the photo with the tree to the far left) and did his thing. We were both too cold to even react that day, but would now like to sincerely thank him for making this experience so enjoyable and for capturing us in a way that we didn’t think was possible!  

Thank you! Saranya and Gobi xx “

Saranya took a short video of me walking on the cliffs – thanks a lot for doing this.

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