Landmark Hotel Wedding Photographer it was a pleasure to capture the romance and grandeur of this unique celebration and venue. I was really happy when Annie and Chang asked me to be their wedding photographer, and capture their big day in this exquisite location. Annie and Chang wanted a select number of posed shots of them on the day. For these images, I included the best that this luxury hotel had to offer. There’s a wonderful photo of Annie leaning against a windowsill in front of a delicate yet huge stained glass window. Annie and Change were lovely to work with, and we had fun working our way round the hotel for photos in front of the various features.

I love photographing weddings, for me Chinese Wedding Photography or any other ethnic photography is about capturing all of the cultural ritual and traditions involved. For Annie and Chang’s wedding, they included a traditional Chinese wedding ritual known as the tea ceremony. This is considered a staple ritual for Chinese weddings, and has been around for generations. The newlyweds serve tea to their guests after the ceremony, and this gives everyone a chance to get acquainted. Chinese Tea ceremony involved usually main close family where the elders, the parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles etc drink their tea sat down. The newlyweds kneel in front of the elders, and are given red envelopes containing money as a symbol of their good wishes for the couple’s future happiness. Using reportage style photography, I was able to capture Annie and Chang kneeling in front of their elder, receiving their red envelopes. The photo really captures the essence of this Chinese inspired Western wedding. Though they are taking part in traditional Chinese rituals, they are dressed in typically Western wedding attire, and I think this sums up their modern wedding perfectly. Annie and Chang asked me to capture the day using documentary style photography, and these make up some of my favourite shots of the day. These shots aren’t always as well lit, or as perfectly positioned as you posed shots, but they give a wonderful impression of the day. I really like the photo of Annie tossing her bouquet over her shoulder – although this is a well known tradition, it isn’t seen very often these days. I love that the image has captured one of the guests in mid air, desperate to be the one to catch the bouquet. I also like the photo of Chang standing with his groomsmen before the ceremony. During a conversation of nerves, his groomsmen reached over to check his pulse. I hope this photo helps to remind Chang how nervous and excited he was at that moment, as he waited for the ceremony to start. There’s a great photo of Chang leading Annie away from the ceremony, but Annie is hanging back to hear what her friend is whispering. I like this photo because it captures a special moment in Annie’s life, as she leaves her old life behind and embarks on a new one.

Wedding Photos of Annie and Chang at The Landmark Hotel London

Landmark Hotel London Venue for a Wedding Celebration

One of the most popular five star hotels in London, The Landmark London is a luxury hotel, and the perfect venue for a wedding. The distinctive style and elegance of this hotel makes it a beautiful location for a celebration. The hotel’s banqueting rooms are Victorian in design, and boast a wealth of character features including high ceilings and striking chandeliers. The Landmark hotel is a spacious London venue with tall ceilings, towering windows and well-crafted marble stairway. The Landmark has an imposing grandeur that cannot be avoided, and that looks beautiful as a backdrop on wedding photos.

London Wedding Photography at Landmark Hotel London

As you can imagine I love taking photos in beautiful locations, and The Landmark is no exception. If you would like some documentary style wedding photography, and some posed shots of you and your guests, to help you remember your special day, contact me. We can discuss my availability, and determine the style of photographs you would like included in your wedding album. I would love to help you capture the essence of your big day, and capture memories that you will treasure forever.

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