I have a great job, I’m not going to deny it. Being a wedding photographer means I am invited to share a couple’s’ commitment to each other. Not only that, but I am charged with capturing and creating memories that will last a lifetime. I search for the joy, the love and the beauty in each ceremony and within each couple, and that is always an honour. But I can’t deny that I was even more excited to capture Mika and Tomer’s wedding in Israel. Getting to see a bit more of the world, while doing a job a love, makes me amongst the lucky few, and I don’t take that for granted. For a wedding photographer Israel is a beautiful location to shoot in. Opportunities like this are rare, but very exciting when they do crop up. I was working as a second photographer alongside another photographer, Asaf, to make sure we captured each and every moment for the bride and groom.

Wedding Photos of Mika and Tomer in Tel Aviv

Mika and Tomer are a stylish and classy couple, with expensive tastes to match. Their wedding was elegant, luxurious and contemporary. Mika and Tomer had a traditional Jewish ceremony outside. The reception was held in a modern venue with strobe lighting and an impressive sound system, and looked like the setting for a Hollywood celebration. Mika and Tomer wanted me to capture the day as it happened, photographing themselves and their guests as they enjoyed the day. They also requested a small number of posed photographs to make the most of their stunning venue, and make sure they had the ‘happy couple photos’ to adorn their walls for years to come. One of my favourite photos from the wedding, shows Mika and Tomer hand in hand on the roof terrace, looking out across the breath-taking Tel Aviv skyline at night. The sun has set, but you can see lighter sky in the distance. The venue was grown up, classy and modern. It felt like an expensive cocktail bar, and was a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. There was a sofa in the corner of the room, where Tomer enjoyed a few drinks with friends and family, discussing the events of the day. I took a beautiful shot of Mika and Tomer sitting together on the sofa, gazing into each others’ eyes. As you might expect, the photographs capture the rituals of the day, including shots of the tradition of drinking wine from the gifted glass, and the breaking of the glass. Mika and Tomer are a fun-loving couple, and they wanted a venue that would reflect that side of their personalities. Marriage doesn’t have to be boring, after all. For Jewish wedding photography, Israel – Tel Aviv, was a beautiful location. The beautiful skyline, the fantastic weather and the friendly people in this beautiful city, made this a day to remember.

Destination Jewish Wedding Photography Israel – Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel, and is located on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline. Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan city with a rich culture, and attracts over 2 million tourists each year. Known as ‘the city that never sleeps’, Tel Aviv is popular with party animals who flock to the district to enjoy the 24 hour culture. Popular with young professionals, Tel Aviv has lots of expensive bars and clubs to offer visitors and residents alike. Tel Aviv boasts a Mediterranean climate with hot days, humidity and limited rainfall. The mix of architectural styles offer a host of different backdrops for wedding photos, and it is possible to find a wedding venue in almost any style.

Documentary Style Jewish Wedding Photography in Israel

I am based in London for most of the year, but am no stranger to travelling further afield for my work. I specialise in documentary style photography, and pride myself on capturing the in between moments that make each wedding unique. I am experienced in capturing tradition Jewish ceremonies, and understand the significance of each ritual and tradition involved. I offer reportage style photography, as well as posed, group and artistic shots. If you are looking for documentary style Jewish wedding photography in the UK and Israel, or anywhere else for that matter, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Whatever your vision for your wedding photos, get in touch to see how I can help.