Surprise Engagement Proposal at the Coliseum in London

Zayd called me to enquire if I could photograph his engagement proposal. We discussed a few ideas on how and where we could do it, and Zayd finally deicide he would love to do it by the Christmas Tree at Coliseum in London. This sounded like an amazing idea for the place for engagement proposal. Zayd also contacted the management at the Coliseum to check if they are okay with us to organise a spot. And to out surprise Rosina from the management was not only okay with us doing it but actually very helpful on the day. Rosina went above and beyond of our expectations. Thank you very much!

The idea was for Zayd to propose after show. He and Roshan went to watch the Nutcracker Ballet show on that Friday. And I think it’s fair to admit that logistically it was a bit of a challenge, as the show was full, which means 2300 people in the theatre – yes thats correct! So Zayd needed to find a reason to leave the auditorium as late as possible without creating any suspicious thoughts. Thy were taking their time, while we were waiting nervously by the Christmas Tree. It took about half an hour for the crowd to empty building, but all was under control as Rosina was constantly checking on the walkie-talkie with the stuff to informing us where the couple was. So they finally arrived, and saw us, being around the Christmas Tree. To our suspire me holding a camera didn’t trigger any suspicious thoughts with Roshan. I think Zayd mention to her something along the line that there is a dedicated photographer to take “official” photos by the tree. So they came to the Christmas Tree and hugged, looking and smiling at me. Roshan actually asked one of the stuff to take a photo on her phone :)

And then it happened, Zayd went down on his knee and proposed to Roshan. What a joy and surprise it was for Roshan. Such an emotional moment for them, full of happiness and massive smile! For me as a photographer it was a pure joy to photograph them while they were hugging each other and having a great moment!

After they cooled down a bit we decided to have a photo shoot. Rosina was very helpful here too, showing us different rooms where we could take photos, so we did :) We went briefly outside as well, and then Rosina mentioned that if we were to wait for another 40 minutes there is a chance to sneak out to the auditorium and maybe even on the stage for a couple of minutes. You can imagine the excitement we all head when we heard this! Obviously we waited and it was definitely worth the wait. Have a look on the photos, what a great story,

So if you are looking for an engagement proposal photographer for you or your friend, please get in touch. The sky is the limit, lets discuss your ideas.

Surprise Engagement Proposal Photos of Roshan and Zayd at the Coliseum in London