Hi, I am Adam, a London wedding photographer and I had the great pleasure and privilege to photograph Ann and Nimanja wedding. Theirs is a romantic love story, and they wanted the fairytale wedding to begin their happily ever after. I was thrilled to be asked to photograph their wedding ceremony, and the following reception held at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. As you might expect from a St Pancras Renaissance Hotel wedding photographer, I started my day taking photos of Ann and her bridesmaids getting married. There was an excited atmosphere as Ann had her hair and makeup done, and began her transformation to blushing bride. There’s a great photo of Ann’s reflection, taken as she looked at herself as a bride for the first time. Arguably one of the most romantic buildings in London, St Pancras Renaissance is one of the most iconic hotels in London. From the outside, the architecture is fit for a fairytale castle, and the inside offers even more in the way of style, eloquence and splendour. It is an honour to be a St Pancras Renaissance Hotel wedding photographer, because the building is the perfect setting for a wedding album. One of my favourite shots from the wedding, makes use of the imposing and beautiful staircase in this luxury wedding venue. The grand staircase has featured in a number of film and television programmes due to its unbeatable elegance. The iconic staircase is recognisable both from below and above.

Wedding Photos of Ann and Nimanja at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London

There is a beautiful photograph of Ann making her way down the stairs before the wedding ceremony. Taken from above, the staircase frames the picture and showcases the grandeur of the staircase, and the beautiful detailing of the ironwork on the balustrade. The light and shadows in the image work together beautifully, and Ann can be seen in the centre of the frame, making her way to the car waiting to take her to her wedding ceremony. The religious ceremony took place in Serbian Orthodox Church in West London. After the ceremony Ann and Nimanja asked me to take some photographs of them alone on their wedding day. Not only does this guarantee them some beautiful shots of themselves as newlyweds, but it also gives them some time alone (well, almost) on their special day. Weddings can be hectic, and there are lots of people to talk to, so I like to take the couple away somewhere private so I can capture their first moments alone as man and wife. There’s a great photo of Ann and Nimanja kissing in front of a fountain, that really captures the romance of the day.

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London Wedding Photographer in Documentary style

I specialise in documentary style photography, and Ann and Nimanja wanted to make the most of this. They asked me to work my way round the wedding reception, taking photos of the guests and looking out for moments to capture. I try to capture not just the moments newlyweds miss as they are busy mingling, but also the moments they share in. There is a great photo of Nimanja enjoying a cigar with some of his closest friends. Taken during the evening reception, the photograph captures a proud Nimanja celebrating his wedding. Lit only by a match, and the dim glow of the street lights, the picture is very stylish. A St Pancras Renaissance wedding album wouldn’t be complete without at least one shot of the hotel’s impressive exterior. After all, the castle-like architecture is often the reason couples fall in love with this venue. There’s a beautiful photo of Ann and Nimanja in each other’s arms, standing in front of the the hotel’s impressive main entrance. The photo was taken at night which gives it a romantic glow from the streetlights.

I am an experienced St Pancras Renaissance Hotel wedding photographer, and am familiar with the layout and location of the hotel. This means I already have plenty of ideas for beautiful and unique locations and backdrops for your wedding photos. I am a London based wedding photographer, but am happy to travel further afield to capture your special day. I specialise in reportage style photography, capturing the day as it happens. I am able to blend in amongst your guests, and capture the little moments between the big events. I also offer posed and artistic shots, and am able to build an impressive wedding album in any style you wish. Please get in touch to discuss my availability and find out more about what I do.