Wedding Photos of Emily and Pete at St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London

Hi, I  am Adam, a London Wedding Photographer. When Emily and Pete asked me to be their St Pancras Renaissance Hotel Wedding Photographer, I was honoured, and knew I was in for a good time. Emily and Pete are such a fun couple, always laughing and joking. It’s obvious they share a sense of humour, and always have fun when they’re together.bI started my day photographing Emily and her bridesmaids getting ready for the day. From the moment I walked into the hotel room that morning, to the minute I waved goodbye at the end of the reception, Emily had a huge smile plastered on her face. It’s always a pleasure to photograph the bride making her transformation, and spend time with the bridesmaids as they excitedly prepare for the day ahead. There’s a beautiful photograph of Emily and her bridesmaids making their way downstairs for the wedding. Shot from above, the staircase frames the women as they walk down the stairs. Emily is looking up toward the camera, smiling. Far from the nervous bride, Emily was confident and excited as she headed to the Church to say I do.

I travelled to the St Bartolomeo The Great Church with the bridesmaids, but made my way into the venue to photograph the groom waiting nervously for Emily to appear. Emily and Pete asked me to capture the wedding like a fly on the wall, so I took plenty of photos to capture the excited smiles, nervous laughter and shared glances. The Church itself was magnificent, imposing and breath-taking. I wanted to really capture the height and depth of the grand venue, so made my way upstairs to photograph from above. There is a beautiful shot of Emily and Pete at the altar, with the stone arches and cathedral windows towering above them.

Documentary style Wedding Photography at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London

I am an experienced in photographer weddings at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London, I am familiar with the beauty and romance of this venue. I know my way around the venue, and have visited numerous times to find new and unique settings for photographs. I specialise in reportage style wedding photography, and pride myself on capturing the in between moments of weddings. Rather than just capturing the I do and the speeches, I also capture the private glances, the nervous smiles and the hand holding. It’s these little memories that make weddings unique, and these are what I try to photograph.

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, I understand that the exterior architecture is part of the lure of this impressive venue. The jutting turrets, cathedral windows and grand arched doorway are reminiscent of the castle from many a childhood fairy tale. Emily and Pete hired a London bus to drive themselves and their guests to their iconic London venue. There is a wonderful photograph of Pete kissing Emily on the cheek as they sit on board the bus. I stood outside the bus to take the photo, and the exquisite form of St Pancras Renaissance hotel is reflected in the bus window, it is a truly beautiful photograph.

As you can imagine, with a couple famous for their sense of humour, the speeches at Emily and Pete’s wedding were not to be missed. As well as taking a few shots of the happy couple during the speeches, I also wanted to capture the reactions of their guests. There are some great photos of the crowd in fits of laughter, throwing their heads back in amusement at the fantastic speeches. You’ll notice that Scooby Doo even popped in to give one of the speeches! The party was lots of fun – kids swinging round on the dance floor, groups of friends dancing, and plenty of glow sticks and fancy dress props to go round. I tried to capture the liveliness of the dance floor, and the photos came out pretty well with the neon blur of glow sticks speeding by. At the end of the night, as Pete and Emily made their way across the empty hotel foyer, I took a final photo of them. Hand in hand as they walked away, still laughing about the fun they’d had that day, I think this photo sums the wedding up perfectly.

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