If you are looking for a London’s Shenley Cricket Club Wedding Photographer and/or Videographer, you came to the right palce.  Photographing and filming a wedding at London’s Shenley Cricket Club is a unique experience that blends the sophistication of a wedding celebration with the charm of a sports venue.
The setting at Shenley Cricket Club offers a diverse range of backdrops for capturing memorable moments. From the elegant pavilion to the sprawling green fields, there are plenty of opportunities to create stunning images that reflect the couple’s special day.

Marina & Connor

Shenley Cricket Club Wedding Video

Marina & Connor

Shenley Cricket Club Feature Film

The pavilion itself often serves as a picturesque location for classic portraits and intimate shots. Its architectural beauty and surrounding greenery provide a timeless backdrop that adds a touch of elegance to the photographs.
Exploring the cricket grounds allows for creativity in photography. The vast fields offer space for group photos and candid shots, capturing the joy and emotions of the day against the backdrop of the lush greenery.

Wedding Photos of Marina & Connor


London Shenley Cricket Club

The interplay of natural light throughout the day can greatly enhance the photos. Golden hour, in particular, presents a magical opportunity to capture the warmth of the occasion, with the setting sun casting a beautiful glow over the celebration.
Each wedding venue has its unique character, and photographing at Shenley Cricket Club allows for a blend of sophistication and a relaxed atmosphere. Have you photographed weddings at similar venues before, or is this your first time at Shenley Cricket Club? It’s always exciting to explore new locations and find innovative ways to capture the essence of a couple’s special day.

So, if you are looking for a Shenley Cricket Club Wedding Photographer or Videographer please get in touch to check availability and current prices.