The Landmark Arts Centre is a truly breath-taking venue, and I was very pleased to be asked to photograph Hannah and Oliver’s wedding in this unique location. This former Church, built in the 19th century, is Grade II listed and a famous local landmark. It was designed to be reminiscent of the French Gothic style popular in the 13th century. One of the most notable features of this unique venue is the pulpit with the soaring canopy above. The Church was completed in 1889, and was used as a place of worship until the early 1970s. After that, it fell into disrepair and was neglected and unused for many years, until the passionate local community came together to restore the building to its former glory. The imposing Victorian architecture is now home to a charitable arts centre, which offers various arts events for the local community to enjoy throughout the year. By having your ceremony in this venue, you are able to achieve the grand and imposing presence of a Church, and can dance the night away under the ornate canopy and towering stained glass windows.

Wedding Photos of Hannah and Oliver at Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington, London


Landmark Arts Centre Teddington Wedding Photographer

As a London Wedding Photographer is always an honour to be asked to photograph a couple’s wedding, but it adds an extra layer of excitement when the venue is as beautiful as this. The grand scale of this venue, and the elegant Victorian architecture, is a joy to photograph. Hannah and Oliver invited me to photograph their ceremony at their local Church, before accompanying them to the Landmark Arts Centre Teddington to document the reception. Hannah and Oliver were a great couple to work with, and were so happy to be sharing their special day with all of their nearest and dearest. In a venue like this, it’s important to capture the awe-inspiring surroundings, as well as the happy couple. Finding the right balance, between location and love, is important to ensure the wedding photographs truly capture the day. One of my favourite photos from Hannah and Oliver’s wedding, is the picture of their first dance. Taken from a distance, the image captures the grandeur of the hall, with the cathedral windows, and checked floor reaching out into the foreground. In the centre of the shot, Oliver and Hannah are entwined as they take their first dance as husband and wife, in the distance, their friends and family look on happily. For me, this captures the very sense of a wedding. While they are a private and intimate event between two people, they are also a joyous and celebratory occasion for so many more.

Another stand out image from this collection is the photo of the wedding car. The car’s window shows the reflection of the surroundings, the leafy trees and the cars driving past, and the car itself is empty. In the car’s wing mirror, you can see happy couple sharing a private moment just after the ceremony. The couple are hidden from view by the bride’s veil, but they are clearly visible in the mirror. This image captures a private moment in a public occasion, and that is why I love it.

Documentary style Wedding Photography at Landmark Arts Centre Teddington

Hannah and Oliver wanted the images to display as much of the venue as possible. As well as taking some photos of the venue’s notable features, I also made sure to make full use of this wonderful backdrop by including the height and depth of the venue in some of the photographs. Hannah and Oliver wanted most of their photographs to be taken using a documentary style of photography. They asked me to be in the background, taking photos of everything as it happened. As well as taking photos of the newlyweds together, smiling and laughing, I was also sure to capture their guests having a great time. If you would like to talk to me about being your Landmark Arts Centre Teddington wedding photographer, please get in touch to check my availability. I am an expert in documentary style wedding photography, as well as posed and romantic shots.