Photography is my main passion in life, and I’m very lucky to call it my job. I feel honored that I am able to do what I love for a living. And I know that not everyone gets to do that. My second passion in life, is travel. Photography and travel go together very well, and I have spent a great deal of my time photographing the beautiful places I have visited across the globe. Even better, now that destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, I’ve been able to combine my first two passions with my work, and get to see beautiful parts of the world whilst capturing the wedding celebrations for my couples. I was really excited when Mary and David asked me to be their destination wedding photographer Portugal.

It’s also very exciting to go to a new part of the world, and discover what the local landscape has to offer. Both in terms of photo backdrops and beautiful landscapes. Portugal proved to be a beautiful choice for a wedding, with gorgeous views all around, stunning shrubs and gardens, vibrant green grass and plenty of brightly coloured flowers. For a destination wedding Portugal is certainly a great choice.

I started my day by walking around the grounds, photographing the location of Mary and David’s wedding. I think it’s important to capture the scene, as well as the people, at a wedding. Once I’d photographed the pool, the donkey, and the grounds, I made my way up to where Mary and her bridesmaids were getting ready. One of my favourite photos shows Mary being fastened into her dress, she is standing in a pink room. Flanked on both sides by her bridesmaids in their colourful floral dresses. It’s a really bright and vibrant photo. And really shows the atmosphere that was present that morning as Mary and her bridesmaids prepared for the day ahead.

Wedding Photos of Mary and David at their destination wedding in Portugal

Destination wedding photographer Portugal Faro, Algarve, South Portugal

I am an experienced photographer who specialises in reportage style photography, though includes posed, artistic and quirky photography in my vast portfolio. I am based in London, but have travelled to many countries with my work.  I must admit I have an ambition to be one of the best Destination Wedding Photographers Portugal. If you would like to talk to me about destination wedding photography in Portugal, or any other part of the world, please get in touch. We can chat through your ideas, and I can explain more about the services I offer. I tailor my packages to suit your individual needs, and pride myself on offering the very best in customer service. I will do my best to create a wedding album that is everything you hoped for, and more.

Reportage style Destination Wedding Photographer for a Wedding in Portugal

In place of a traditional wedding car, Mary and her father were driven to the ceremony in a decorated golf cart. The cart was driven by a young lad who seemed excited to have such an important job. I just had to get a photo of him before he drove away with the cart. The service was beautiful. Mary and David asked me to photograph like a fly on the wall during the ceremony, being sure to capture as much of the wedding as possible. The photos are beautiful – you can see the palm trees reaching out into the distance, and the bright colours of the wedding guests’ clothes in the background, and in the foreground, you can see how happy Mary and David were as they said ‘I do’. The palm trees look beautiful in the photographs for this destination wedding Portugal.

I pride myself on capturing the raw emotions of a wedding. There are a lot of emotions at a wedding – from fear to joy to love, and it’s my job to capture them all. One of my favourite photographs, simply because it has captured the emotion so well, shows Mary’s father and David in an emotional embrace. After the beautiful speeches filled with love, warmth and happiness, this father-in-law and the newest member of his family shared a beautiful and emotional embrace. The photograph says it all, really.

At the end of a long night of fun and dancing, as Mary and David made their way home, I took a photograph of them walking through the grounds of the venue. The sky is deep and dark, there are lights glistening in the distance, and Mary and David are walking hand in hand through the partially-lit street, lined with shrubs, as they make their home after a perfect day. It’s such a beautiful photograph, and one that I hope reminds them of the whole day, as they remember that first walk home as a married couple.

If you are looking for a destination wedding photographer in Portugal, Spain, Italy or anywhere else in the world, please get in touch with me.