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My name is Adam, I am the one of Adams Photography, a professional wedding photographer London. My wedding photography style is modern, elegant and romantic. I am a documentary photographer, and I pride myself on taking photographs that tell a story. My wedding photography captures the romance, love and happiness of the day, and truly narrates the whole day.

My unobtrusive and relaxed style will put you and your guests right at ease, allowing me to capture the beauty of your day from start to finish. Putting people at ease is an important aspect of my job because it means the resulting photos are natural and capture the real emotion of the day.

I won’t bark directions at your guests, instead I’ll stand on the sidelines looking for the perfect shot. I’ll photograph the younger guests playing eating stolen wedding cake under the table, your best friends giggling after too much prosecco, and the look on your mother-in-law’s face when the best man tells that story.

Being a London wedding photographer is amazing because it means I spend my working days surrounded by happy, beautiful people celebrating love. Weddings are always fun because there is dancing, romance and friendship. Everyone wears their hearts on their sleeves, and tears of joy flow easily. It’s so lovely for people to celebrate their relationship by inviting their closest friends and family members to a big party.

It’s my job to capture all of this on camera, and I think that makes me a pretty lucky guy. For me a wedding photography is all about capture the entire day using only my camera. My photos need to be beautiful, to capture a perfect moment in time, but also to be part of a bigger narrative that tells the story of your wedding day from start to finish. I will take a few photographs as you each get ready for the day, you drinking prosecco with your bridesmaids, him shaving with his best man. I will be there as you walk down the aisle, and will capture the moment you lay eyes on each other for the first time on your wedding day. I will stay photographing the wedding for as long as you need to. Many couples choose to have me stay to photograph the first dance, though I have been asked to stay later and capture the dance floor frivolity on occasion.

I pride myself on capturing the big ‘I do’ moments as well as the little in between moments that I think truly make a wedding. These are the little things that happen in between the traditional wedding rituals. The way you hold his hand when you reach the altar, or the tear on your dad’s cheek as he gives you away. The heartfelt congratulations your husband gets from old friends straight after the ceremony, and the cuddle you have with your new mother-in-law to celebrate joining their family. These are the moments that really tell the story of your wedding. These photos capture the emotion, the atmosphere and the excitement of the day.

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I will create a wedding album that you will look back on and love for years to come. You’ll probably be quite busy on the day itself, but I’ll make sure that my camera catches the bits you miss. From the friends laughing outside, to the impressive moves on the dance floor, to the sight of your mum and her sisters having a long overdue catch up. Your wedding album will capture it all. I’m a reportage style photographer and love photographing events as they happen.

I also love taking artistic shots. I love taking those dreamy photographs you see of newlyweds holding hands on a beach as the sun sets between them. Or the modern vintage shots of newlyweds taken against a dilapidated wall. Or those breath-taking shots of newlyweds at nights, caught by the light of a street lamp, and surrounded by falling snow. I love taking these romantic, iconic shots that will complete your wedding album by adding in that little bit extra. These are the photographs that end up framed in living rooms because they manage to capture the hope and happiness of the day. I’ll visit your venue before the wedding and look for inspiration of where we can take these sorts of shots of the two of you.

As an experienced London wedding photographer, I am familiar with a number of the venues that this wonderful city has to offer. From the quiet churches to the city Cathedrals, the huge country estates to the idyllic hotels nestled into the surrounding countryside.

London has a lot to offer in terms of wedding photography. This beautiful city offers an eclectic mix of city sights and leafy green suburbs. For a wedding photographer London is always a great place to visit. The city has a whole host of beautiful and inspiring venues that are always an absolute pleasure to photograph. From the iconic tourist attractions like Tower bridge, to the vibrant Southbank, there are always plenty of perfect wedding photo backdrops to be found. The city has more than its fair share of brightly coloured houses too, making it the perfect place to snap a few quirky wedding shots for your modern wedding photography album.

Natural style wedding photography in London

I am based in London, but travel to other places across the south of England regularly for work. In fact, I’m lucky enough to have travelled the world for my work, photographing destination weddings in many beautiful places. As a wedding photographer London is somewhere I visit regularly. In fact, I love any excuse to visit this beautiful city. I would love to meet you and hear more about your wedding and what you would like from your London wedding photographer.

We can also arrange a pre-wedding photo shoot. This gives us all the chance to get to know each other a little better, and is sort of a trial job so you can judge how I do! It also gives you the opportunity to get some professional photographs taken of the two of you when you aren’t dressed as a bride and groom. We can choose a location that’s nowhere near your wedding venue so you get to explore a little more of the city too.

If you’re looking for a London wedding photographer, or would like to know more about the services I offer, give me a shout. I can tell you a little bit more about how I work, and why as a wedding photographer London is such an awesome place to work. And you can tell me a little bit about your wedding and the kind of photography you love.

I can tailor my photography style to suit you. If you would like a series of posed shots of friends and family groupings, then I can absolutely do that. If you’re hoping to get some stunning artistic shots to display in your living room, I can find some beautiful locations to shoot at your wedding venue. If you want to create a wedding album that tells the story of your wedding from start to finish, then I can do this for you.