Yes, I’m afraid this another post about my jet-setting dream job. I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph Sharon and Asaf’s wedding in Israel. One of the things I love about my job is not being tied to a desk in an uninspiring grey office. For a wedding photographer Israel is a beautiful backdrop. One of the other things I love, is meeting wonderful couples and helping to capture some of the magic from their special day, so they never forget how they felt on the day they exchanged vows. Sharon and Asaf are fun and very much in love, and I was excited to photograph their big day. I worked alongside another wedding photographer, Asaf, to make sure we didn’t miss a second of this beautiful celebration. I started my day with Sharon and her bridesmaids as they had their hair and makeup done in preparation for the wedding. Sharon is a fun person, and wanted the photos to reflect this side of her personality. Sharon wanted a photograph of her wedding shoes, as many brides do, but she wanted them next to her favourite pair of slippers. It is traditional for the wedding photographs to be taken be before the ceremony, so once Sharon and Asaf were both dressed for the wedding, we got down to business. The couple posed for photos as their closest friends looked on.

Wedding Photos of Sharon and Asfa in Israel

There is a beautiful picture of Sharon and Asaf gazing into each other’s eyes as they share a private moment in the plant nursery. The bright pinks, purples and vibrant greens contrast with Sharon’s white wedding dress to give a stunning result. Sharon and Asaf wanted some striking images of them and their friends. In the same plant nursery, but in the dark, they posed for a fantastic photograph with two of their closest friends. The nursery housed all kinds of equipment for maintaining the grounds of the venue, including a digger, and we decided to utilise this in one of the photos. The photo shows Asaf, sitting in the drivers seat, flanked by two of the couple’s best friends. Standing on the digger scoop, backlit by the digger’s headlights, is Sharon. The image is powerful, moody and edgey. It’s not the type of photograph you find in many wedding albums – you could argue it would look more at home on an album cover in the charts, but it looks fantastic. Sharon and Asaf are stylish and artistic, and wanted their wedding photographs to represent this. They wanted the usual photos of themselves and their guests enjoying the day, but they also wanted some unique photos of them looking their best. Their brief was a lot of fun, because it meant I was able to create some quite unique photographs for their wedding album. There is a great photo of the couple enjoying a private moment outside the venue. Standing in the dark, the couple are lit by the light of the reception venue, as they enjoy a private moment in each other’s arms. Darkness fills the shot, but the couple and their immediate surroundings are picked out by the stray light, it looks great.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Sharon and Asaf wanted some more typical wedding photographs too, they wanted their day captured as it happened. I used documentary style photography during the day, working my way round the venue and taking photographs of scenes that unfolded before me. I photographed the guests having fun on the dance floor, and Asaf being lifted on a chair during the Hora. Another of my favourite photos captures the couple’s first dance. Sharon and Asaf shared a spotlit slow dance together on the dance floor, while their guests watched from their seats. It’s unusual for the rest of the wedding party to stay seated during the first dance, and I think this photo highlights the confidence this couple exude.

Jewish Wedding Photography in Israel

If you are looking for a Destination wedding photographer in Israel, or anywhere else for that matter, please get in touch. I understand the rituals and traditions involved in a Jewish ceremony, and how best to photograph these moments. I specialise in reportage style photographs, as well as artistic and posed shots. I love capturing weddings, and creating memories for couples to keep. Please get in touch to discuss my availability.