Tamil Wedding Photography London

I have been photographing Tamil Weddings around London area for the past five years. I have had a opportunities to witness and observe different cultures and customs of the Tamil community. A very interesting experience, so I wanted to write a little bit on how to be a Tamil wedding photographer London or anywhere else.

Call me old fashioned, but I am very passionate about first class photography and I think there are few things in life I love more than weddings. Two people, deeply in love, promising to spend their lives together is nothing short of beautiful. And seeing their friends and family celebrate with them, rejoicing in the couple’s love and happiness, always makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Tamil weddings are bright and colorful. As a photographer, the mix of vibrant colors and Hindu traditions is very inspiring.

Hindu and Civil Tamil Wedding Photography London

  • Pre wedding photo shoot is very popular among Tamil couples:


  • Thaali –  its a golden necklace a bride receives on her wedding day. Below are photos from Gold Melting ceremony, the gold will be used to produce Thaali.



  • Mehndi night – a private pre wedding ceremony, usually takes place at home of the bride in the presence of friends, relatives and family.



  • Milk Ceremony



  • Bride Getting Ready


Documentary style Tamil wedding photography in London

After months of careful planning, and (dare I say it?) obsessing over the minute details of your wedding celebration, you might be surprised at how little you take in on the day. After hours spent deliberating over which song to walk down the aisle too, you will then probably find the beating of your own heart silences all other sounds and you don’t even notice the music. After hours spent carefully comparing every type of flower for your centrepiece, you’ll then be too busy chatting during the meal to notice whether the centrepieces are even there. All of these details seem so important in the run up to the wedding, but on the day all that matters is your love for one another. It’s my job to find and capture those little details for you, so you can look back on them later. You’ll be too busy celebrating on the day to pay attention to the carefully laid tables, the beautiful gift table or the cake, so I’ll take care of all of that for you.

If you hire me to be your Tamil wedding photographer London, you can stop worrying about remembering the day. Just enjoy yourself, and I will make sure I capture the emotions, the details and the love of the day for you to look back on later. Before the wedding we will sit down and talk about exactly what it is you want from your wedding photographs. I can show you my portfolio, and you can show me your Pinterest board, and together we can formulate a plan for your wedding photography package. This is your special day, and you are completely in control of your wedding photos. I will follow your brief and do my best to create the perfect wedding album for you.

  • Arrival of the Groom:
  1. Grooms man washes the feet of Groom.
  2. Groom puts a ring on Grooms man Brides dad puts flower Garland on Groom Brides mother and aunt do a small prayer with a lit lamp for groom
  3. Groom is welcomed by rest of brides family
  4. Groom’s Procession down the aisle
  5. Groom & tholan/grooms man, parents, tray bearers approach the altar
  • Groom sits down:
  1. The tholan sits to his left
  2. Parents walk past & come round clockwise & stand beside the Groom.
  3. Tray bearers’ place the trays beside the priest & leave the altar


  • Wedding Ceremony:

* Angguraapanam – Five ladies sow seeds in a pot (two from groom’s side & three from Bride’s side), * Tying of kappu/ string on hand for the Groom. A coconut is cracked, * Siva Parvathi Pooja (Thali pooja) by the priest, * Navakiraha Pooja by the priest * Homam by the priest, * Bride arrives and walks down aisle  

* Bride sits on the right side of the Groom. Tholan stands up, * Bride goes through the same rituals as the Groom, * Kannigadhaanam Respective parents sit next to the Bride and groom, * Mutual gesture of respect of parents, * Brides mother and father hand over the bride to the groom. Sovereign/gold coin from the bride’s parents is given away to the groom, * Blessing of Koorai/ 2nd bridal saree & Thali/gold chain by the visitors on the first few front rows of audience, * Handing over koorai to the Bride. A coconut is cracked, * Bride goes to change into Koorai/2nd bridal spree, * Bride arrives and walks down the aisle & takes her place on the altar, * Few of Brides cousins distributes flowers to the guests.

* Groom Ties Thaali/ gold chain onto bride (CLIMAX OF WEDDING!!)


* The Groom facing north, standing to the right of bride ties the Thali, * Bride’s representative distributes sweets to the guests, * Applying kunggumum/ red powder to brides forehead


* Exchange of place, * Presentation – mirror, comb, * Agni pooka, * Feeding of milk/fruit * Ammi mithithal, * Malai martuthal (exchange of garlands), * Homam, * Poorma aahudhi, * Aaseervadham, * Removing kaapu


I really love being a Tamil wedding photographer. I find it a great honour to be invited to capture a couple’s special day, and be charged with creating a book filled with beautiful memories for you to look back on for years to come. I feel very lucky to have such a dream job. I spend my days doing something I love, surrounded by happy, excited people. Being a part of someone’s wedding is a great honour indeed, and it’s a task I take very seriously. I know how important weddings are, not only to the bride and groom but also to your grandma, your mum and your friend who couldn’t be there on the day because she lives so far away. I’m not just capturing memories for you, I’m capturing a narrative of the day so that your loved ones can remind themselves of the story of your wedding whenever they like.

Traditional and modern style Tamil Wedding Photography in London and the rest of UK

Civil Wedding

I specialise in documentary-style Tamil wedding photography. This means, as well as taking posed and artistic shots, I like to blend in and snap away at what I see. This means that as well as getting beautiful posed shots of your friends and family, you also get the laughter, enjoyment and jubilance of the day. With reportage photography, I am able to capture the tears of laughter on your Great Aunt’s cheeks as the listens to the speeches. I can capture the shrieks and laughter of the children as they race around the gardens after the ceremony. And I can capture the moment between you and your mother, where she told you the secret to a long and happy marriage.

As a photographer, I know how important it is to capture the emotions and love at the wedding. The photographs of the ceremony and traditions are important, but so are the lesser discussed ‘in between moments’ that fill the day. It’s these special moments that set me apart from other wedding photographers. I take beautiful posed shots, and always capture the important bits, but I also make an effort to seek out these in between moments. They might not be the moments you reminisce over with your friends, and perhaps you won’t even recall them by the end of the day, but they are an important part of what makes your wedding unique. Your mother wiping away a tear as she prepares you to talk down the aisle, the smile on your groom’s face as he sees you for the first time, and the private joke you share after the ceremony. These moments – these secret smiles, hand holds and loving glances – tell the story of your wedding.

One complaint that many newlyweds share is that they didn’t spend enough time together on the day of the wedding. They were both so busy catching up with friends and family, and having fun with their loved ones that they just didn’t manage to carve out time to enjoy each other’s company. As long distance relatives and old friends vie for your attentions, you will find yourselves pulled in different directions, perhaps meeting for a quick cuddle in passing before one of you is whisked away again. One thing that a lot of the couples I have photographed have told me, is that their time with me was some of their only time together on the day. As we make our way around the grounds of your venue to take photographs, I make a point of hanging back and letting the two of you talk. I know it is an important and busy day, and that your time is at a premium. As you chat about how happy you are, and how wonderful the ceremony was, and how funny it was when something unexpected happened during the ceremony, I will photograph you together. These candid shots are often some of the most beautiful because they capture that elation and love you both feel upon becoming husband and wife.


If you would like to find out more about me, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I would love to show you my Tamil wedding photography portfolio, and talk you through the services I offer. I’d also love to hear your vision for your wedding ceremony and what sort of wedding photographs you would like. It’s your special day, and I will do my best to create the wedding album of your dreams. Whether you love the idea of posed, artistic, modern, vintage or fly-on-the-wall shots, I will do my best to capture the wedding in the style you want. So please get in touch and we can chat about your special day.


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