Nigerian Wedding Photographer London

Nigerian Wedding Photographer London
Nigerian Wedding Photographer London

Nigerian Wedding Photography

One of the things I love about London, is the diversity and mix of cultures living in this beautiful city. As a Nigerian wedding photographer in London, I have been lucky enough to photograph a number of Nigerian wedding celebrations. Nigerian weddings are bright, colourful and lots of fun and provide plenty of opportunity for breathtaking wedding photographs.

Nigerian weddings are traditionally bright and colourful thanks to the vibrant and elegant attire worn by the wedding guests. The wedding attire worn by the bride and groom can be equally as impressive at a Nigerian wedding, as the couple celebrate their traditional tribal colours on the day. The accessories worn alongside the clothes will be bright, bold and beautiful too, adding even more beauty of the wedding album. Some guests may be invited to wear coordinated colours and even fabrics as other guests, allowing them to be easily identified in the wedding party.

Natural Nigerian Wedding Photography in London and the rest of the UK

There are lots of traditions and rituals that can be included in a Nigerian wedding celebration. Some couples choose to include a kola nut in their ceremony. The kola nut holds important significance in many parts of Africa, and Nigeria is no exception. During wedding ceremonies, the kola nut can be cracked and then shared between the couple and their parents. The kola nut is believed to have healing properties, and sharing the nut symbolises the willingness to heal any problems the couple may encounter in the future.

The dancefloor is always lots of fun at a Nigerian weddings, as the guests come together to have fun and celebrate. Group dances are popular, with guests mingling on the dancefloor. When the bride and groom are on the dance floor, you might notice some money spraying. Unlike other cultures, there is no specific money dance song, though it is customary for guests to throw money at the bride and groom on the dance floor. It’s not expected, and there’s certainly no pressure for it to happen, but it makes for a pretty great dancefloor photo.

Nigerian weddings are big events, as the community comes together to celebrate the union of two people. There will be plenty of guests at the wedding, making it a big family affair. Traditionally, the bride and groom may not personally know each and every guest present on the day, but everyone will be there to wish them well and celebrate with them. These days, the guest lists tend to be a little more regulated, but the weddings are still big community celebrations of love and unity.

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