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Engagement Photos London

I remember one couple took me to the pub where they shared their first date. They sat together, at the very table they shared their first drink, chatting as I photographed them from the street. There’s something beautiful about being asked to capture these recreated moments, very personal and beautiful moments.

So if you’ve always wanted to have an artistic shot of the two of you re-enacting your first kiss, this is your chance – but no cheese, no worries. Just plain fun and great emotions! You are in love, you are planing your wedding and you would love to have beautiful photos of the two of you before your big day. And you want something more artistic than just a selfie :)

You may not have had your photograph taken professionally since your last high school photograph. Now that the braces are off, and the crimpers are safely stored away in the history books, it’s the perfect time to have another shot with a professional photographer. You will end up with an album filled with beautiful photographs of the two of you on your wedding day, but a pre-wedding photography session will leave you with some equally beautiful but less formal shots of you together. If the only photographs you have of the two of you are selfies taken on days out, engagement photos can fill this void by providing you with some lovely photographs of the two of you as a couple.

Relaxed and Natural Engagement Photography London

Couples choose to have engagement photos taken for a number of reasons. For couples living far from their family, it is a great way to share the news. Some couples choose to have photographs taken as a way to celebrate the occasion, especially if the wedding itself will not take place for a couple of years. Other couples want professional photographs to use for their save the date cards. For couples uncomfortable around cameras, it’s a great way to get used to having your photograph taken.

Another couple wanted fun, colourful photographs to celebrate their engagement. We headed out into London’s open spaces, to make use of the vibrant colours of nature.

I am an experienced photographer and I can offering you an eclectic mix of photography styles. From documentary-style fly on the wall shots, to romantic, posed, artistic and quirky shots. Whether you have strong ideas of how your engagement photo session London should go, or would prefer to take a backseat, I can take photographs you’ll love. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and check my availability.