Why Weddings in London are so special

I came to live in London back in 2002, with a plan to stay here for just 6 months and improve my English. Then come back to Krakow and open a private English School – I am a teacher by profession. 14 years later I am still living in London, I wonder why? And I am working as wedding photographer here.
Here are my 5 reasons why London is a very special for wedding photographers.

Cultural Diversity in London

1. For a wedding photographer London is a place that offers access to amazing ethnic, religious and non-religious diversity. Of course there are the traditional English weddings, but also Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Greek, Asian, Polish, Nigerian and many many more. Did you know that there are over 300 languages spoken in London? It’s not only Polish, Greek, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese but also Persian and Russian….the list is endless.

On Friday you could be shooting an English wedding, on Saturday an Asian reception and on Sunday a Jewish or Greek wedding and on Monday you can witness a Chinese tea ceremony, part of the Chine celebrations. With so much diversity, wedding photography in London is never boring. The beauty in photographing and learning about the various cultures and traditions in fantastic, including the different types of music, cuisine, customs and clothing.

London wedding photographer different types of wedding photography in London


Interfaith Weddings in London

2. Of all the locations that I have travelled to as a wedding photographer London proves most that Love Conquers All (Amor Vincit Omnia). Not only can weddings be interfaith, with a Muslim marrying a Hindu, or a Hindu marrying a Catholic but also inter-racial with people of all colours uniting as one. When it comes to love in London there are no borders. We live and work alongside each other, not only accepting our diversity but also celebrating and embracing it.

All weddings are beautiful of course but there is also something even more special when two people from different backgrounds come together. There is an extra dimension to the wedding. It’s a vibrant feast for the eyes and for the camera!

London wedding photographer interfaith wedding ceremony of Christian and Jew by wedding photographer London

Stunning Wedding Venues in London 


3. London and the nearby surrounding areas have stunning wedding venues ! Not only grand hotels but also pubs, mansions, castles and palaces. You can opt for a beautiful hotel like: st Pancras Renaissance Hotel or Claridges or the Ritz, Tower Bridge, Westminster Cathedral venues like Dartmouth House or Pembroke Lodge or even small and cosy local pubs like the Adam & Eve.

London wedding photographer variety of stunning London venues for weddings and wedding photography




4. The wedding season lasts 12 months a year and 7 days a week. Couple are realising that they don’t need to limit themselves to just summer wedding dates. It’s beautiful to capture all the seasons. As a London wedding photographer I can shoot  Winter weddings (with snow if you are lucky) or Autumn weddings with colourful falling leaves can be spectacular, and obviously spring and summer can offer you great atmosphere too.  

London wedding photographer winter shoot of a couple with snow by wedding photographer London


Amazing Weather in London

5. The weather is always fantastic. Don’t believe me? An overcast sky is actually great for photography, because the light is defused through the clouds making the light very soft and flattering. Direct sun can be harsh, make you squint and may cast shadows under your eyes. Even rain can be great as I can capture dramatic back lit photos with rain drops or even a rainbow. Finally a hooray for the British weather!

London wedding photographer couple with umbrella rain shot by wedding photographer London

Combine the 5 reasons above and it’s clear to see why London is one of the best places in the world for a wedding photographer.