When Kathryn and Romuald opted for The Royal Exchange in London as their wedding venue, it was an inspired choice. If you are a London history buff, you will know that although it was officially opened back in 1571 by Queen Elizabeth 1. The Royal Exchange was later destroyed in the Great Fire of London and had to be re-built twice more since then. Proving itself to be as lasting as a great marriage. The Royal Exchange speaks eloquently to the past yet is anchored elegantly in the present with the facilities and staff to make your day truly memorable. It is an imposing building which houses a luxury shopping arcade on the ground floor and offices on the higher floors. The courtyard is huge and can be set up in great style to accommodate over 150 guests. And there is also plenty of room for a good sized dance floor and band. Kathryn and Romuald made a great decision. I really enjoy shooting and a being a Royal Exchange wedding photographer here!

Wedding Photos of Kathryn and Romuald and at The Royal Exchange London

Kiddish and other Jewish traditions in the heart of UK capital city

I have to say it was a real privilege for me to be this wonderful couple’s wedding photographer at The Royal Exchange. I particularly enjoy Jewish weddings and Kathryn and Romuald exchanged their vows in the traditional Jewish manner. Their wedding day was all about time honored values, music, celebration and fun. What could be better? They both have a wonderful family, full of warmth and life. We were able to capture their joy at each moment throughout the day through the official parts of the ceremony as they stood side by side under the Chuppah. Which, of course symbolizes the new home being built by the couple after they officially become husband and wife. The Kiddush, which is the blessing over wine and, of course, the smashing of the glass, which many people joke is the last time the groom will be able to put his foot down! As a Jewish wedding photographer, I am always careful to take shots of each of the different parts of a Jewish wedding.  As the are full of important religious significance and symbolism and so meaningful to the couple, their family and the wedding guests.
My favorite shots at any wedding, I have to admit, though, are the candid ones. My style is wedding reportage, which captures the events of the day less in those traditional, formal (and often uncomfortable) poses and more in spur-of-the-moment relaxed, unexpected shots. To me, these are the ones that that seem to best express the feelings of the day. I was one of two photographers shooting that particular wedding along with Bart. I spent the morning with the groom while my colleague photographed the bride; that way we had the opportunity to be with both of them before they were allowed to see each other at the ceremony. We then joined up to spend the rest of the day together to maximize coverage of everything going on and make sure we missed nothing important.

Israeli Dance and Jewish Ceremony by Adams Wedding Photography telling the story Kathryn and Romuald with pictures

We took candid shots of Kathryn and Romuald getting ready before the ceremony. We peek at the groomsmen and bridesmaids. The yarmulkes lined up ready for guests to wear make the perfect impromptu shot. We seem to listen in on a snatch of conversation between guests; there is a heartfelt hug of congratulations for the groom. The musicians warm up their instruments as they get ready to entertain everyone. Dancers twirl around the floor having a blast; the couple in their chairs are carried around the dance floor; the newlyweds are photographed that evening enjoying the stunning scenery around the venue after dark. What we try to do is to capture is an almost minute- by- minute recording of the entire wedding. These are the special, informal, unplanned moments that mean so much – and these are the types of photographs that are my specialty. They are also the ones I enjoy taking the most! If you have a chance to check out The Royal Exchange as a wedding venue, do so. It is a beautiful place to get married. It is full of history, it is magnificent architecturally and it provides a spectacular setting for your special day.

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