I was really pleased when Natalie and Ben asked me to be their The Reid Rooms wedding photographer. The venue is beautiful, set in idyllic countryside, and oozing rustic charm. If that wasn’t enough reason to snap up this job, Natalie and Ben are both lovely. Having met them briefly, I knew that their wedding was going to be a fun one to work. I wasn’t wrong, as I’m sure you can see from the photos!

Natalie and Ben were getting married outside, and this is also exciting from a photographer’s point of view. On the one hand of course, you are at the mercy of the weather, but you also have all of nature’s beauty to work with. An aisle had been created by positioning seating in the field, and an altar had been positioned. Natalie and Ben were to be married under a fabric canopy decorated by their friends and family, it was such a beautiful idea. It didn’t rain, but it was not the day of beaming sunshine that many brides dream of. The skies were filled with deep grey clouds, I think the sky gives the photographs an intense and romantic feel.

Natalie was walked down the aisle by both her mother and her father. As she reached Ben under the billowing fabric canopy, I took reportage style photographs to capture the ceremony. As a Jewish wedding photographer , I am charged with capturing some of the traditions and rituals unique to Jewish weddings. One such tradition is the breaking of the glass. Historically, at the end of the wedding ceremony, as the Rabbi reads the Ketubah, the bride and groom drink wine. The best man is then charged with placing the wine glass under the groom’s foot, and then the groom will stamp down to shatter the glass. This ancient tradition has been slightly altered now, and instead of shattering a wine glass, many grooms instead stamp on a lightbulb or other glass item as a token to the original tradition. James didn’t stamp on a wine glass, but did replace this with a smaller token and I was able to capture him about to stamp on it before the crowd shouted “Mazel Tov!”

Wedding Photos of Natalie and ben at The Reid Rooms in Essex

 Natural Style Wedding Photography

Natalie and Ben’s wedding had one of the liveliest dance floors I have ever witnessed, and it was great fun to photograph. James and the male guests threw themselves around, leaping in the air and swinging each other in all directions. Everyone was having so much fun, and the other guests were looking on in amusement. One of my favourite photos of this time on the dance floor focuses on the floor itself. In the shot you can see the scuffed hardwood floors, and the well-shined smart shoes dancing above. It’s such a lovely photograph, and really brings to life a still image of the dance floor. I hope that every time Ben sees it he is taken back to the fun he was having with his friends and brothers that night.

I was able to capture another Jewish tradition on the dance floor, as Natalie stood holding an umbrella covered in ribbons and her friends danced around her. In this tradition, the bride basically becomes a may pole, and it is a way of her friends showing how much they love and care for her. The umbrella is usually prepared by the bride’s best friend as a surprise, and whipped out at an opportune moment.

Jewish Wedding Photography in The Reid Rooms

The Reid Rooms is an award-winning wedding venue in Essex. The building itself has been in existence for over 200 years, and was originally built as a stables for the working horses of Marks Hall Farm near Chelmsford. The venue is surrounded by breath-taking countryside, and boasts rural charm as well as modern luxury.

If you are looking for The Reid Rooms wedding photographer, please get in touch. I offer documentary, posed, artistic and traditional wedding photography. I am passionate about capturing moments and creating treasured memories, and would love to talk to you about what you would like your wedding photos to look like.