Hi, I am Adam, a London Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Lynanne and James are a great couple, and I was really pleased when they asked me to be their Thames Rowing Club wedding photographer. I started my day with Lynanne and her bridesmaids as they prepared for the day. Lynanne was so calm while she was getting ready, and she and her bridesmaids were excited about the day ahead. There’s a lovely photo of Lynanne and her best friend toasting together with their first champagnes of the day.

There are some beautiful photos of Lynanne giving herself one last look over in the hallway mirror before leaving for the ceremony. She’s all ready to go, with her stunning wedding dress on, and her hair and makeup done, and she stops to check that she’s perfect before leaving. There’s a heart-warming photo of her opening the door to her father. He was so taken aback when he saw her, and he looked really proud as he embraced her, it’s a lovely image that captures this important relationship in Lynanne’s life. Lynanne and James were married at a nearby church, and I was invited to document the ceremony. The church itself was beautiful, with a towering spire and divine brick work. Inside, the church was magnificent – huge open spaces, beautiful windows, substantial artwork and golden artefacts. Lynanne and James had chosen a springtime theme for their wedding, and the neutral tones looked beautiful against the pastel flower bouquets. There is a photo of the bridesmaids stood next to decorated bicycles on the street, and for me this photo really captures the style and elegance of the wedding.

Wedding Photos of Lynanne and James at Thames Rowing Club in London

One of my favourite shots from their wedding album, is of the happy couple and their close friends, taken just outside Furnival Sculling Club. Lynanne and James are on the balcony on the first floor, gazing into each other’s eyes, and their wedding party are lined up on the pavement below, each with a drink. The image is black and white and looks fantastic, I’m sure it will be framed on the wall of their house. To get some nice pictures of the newlyweds, we headed out of the rowing club and onto the streets to find some inspiring backdrops. We found an ice cream van, so Lynanne and James bought an ice cream each and posed in front of the van. Lynanne thought the whole thing was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing. There’s a beautiful photograph of Lynanne leaning on James’ shoulder in the wedding car on the way to the rowing club. The run up to a wedding can be stressful because there is so much to plan, and then on the wedding morning there is the worry of the ceremony itself. After the service, Lynanne seemed relieved, happy and excited to enjoy the party now that all the hard work was over. I think this photo sums up those emotions perfectly. Finally, as the night was drawing in, and the Thames was lit up in the dark of night, we headed out onto the balcony for a final picture. Lynanne and James shared a private moment, while I was careful to take a photograph that not only captured the beautiful surroundings and impressive venue, but also the calm and happiness they were both feeling.

Wedding Photographer at Thames Rowing Club

The Thames Rowing Club is situated on the River Thames in London. The Clubhouse itself was built in 1879, and has had several additions and modernisations since. The Clubhouse boasts terrific views of the Thames that can be enjoyed throughout the day and long into the night.

London Wedding Photography at Thames Rowing Club by Adams Wedding Photography

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