I am Adam, an Somerset Wedding Photographer and Videographer based in London. Welcome to my St Audries Park wedding photography page, please feel free to have a look the photos of Janelle and Michal taken at this stunning wedding venue in Somerset. As a St Audries Park wedding photographer, I can personally attest to what an idyllic wedding venue this is. As venues go, this one truly has the wow factor. Nestled in the beautiful county of Somerset, St Audries Park has everything you could wish for from a country manor wedding venue. The traditional Georgian Manor dates back to 1086, making it an exceptional and historic location for your celebrations. St Audries Park emanates elegance, luxury and charm. Nestled amongst the Quantock hills, this Georgian Manor is picture-perfect and an absolutely beautiful place to celebrate a wedding.

Perfect Wedding Day in Somerset

What was once an elegant and ostentatious private home is now an idyllic and splendid ivy-covered wedding venue. The expansive grounds are immaculately maintained, making them the perfect place to take wedding photos! In addition, the manor itself is filled with high-ceiling elegant rooms so you can give your special day a touch of glamour. As guests drive up to St Audries Park, they are wowed by the stately driveway and the breathtaking grounds. The views of the Bristol Channel can’t be beaten as you stroll amongst the ten-acre deer park and admire the scenery.

Wedding Photos of Jannelle and Michal at St Audries Park in Somerset

All these images were taken on my lovely canon 5d mk3 cameras with 4 different lenses: 24mmm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm for longer shots. As you can see the day was full of amazing light so the photos are rich in colours.

Best St Audries Park Wedding Photography

St Audries Park provides plenty of beautiful backdrops for photos. The building itself is filled with architecturally stunning nooks and crannies that make for the perfect hideaway. There’s a beautiful image of the newlyweds, all dressed up in their impeccable finery, framed in one of the manor’s doorways, and it’s simply beautiful. The staircase is famous in its own right, and it looks incredible in the pictures from the day. Dressed in white ribbons and white flowers, it looks every bit as impressive as it is in real life. There is a lovely photograph of the newlyweds walking down the stairs together. Ready to embark on their new life together. It truly captures the excitement and happiness of the moment and showcases the grandeur of this beautiful venue.

St Audries Park Taunton was a beautiful place for this special day. I was able to find some truly beautiful places to take photographs, and I am so pleased with how they turned out. I especially love the images taken from a dark corridor, where the bride is framed in a doorway, the only patch of light in an otherwise dark shot. I love taking artistic pictures that capture the location, the personality of the couple and the atmosphere of the moment.

Documentary Style Wedding Photos at St Audries Park

This was a wonderful evening celebration to shoot at St Audries Park. The clear night and lack of visual pollution made for some truly stunning images. I particularly love the photos of the newlyweds enjoying a quiet moment outside St Audries Park manor house in the dark of the night. The minimal lighting and expansive darkness give these images a secret and romantic edge which I just love. The fireworks display provided plenty of opportunities for stunning wedding photography, too. The fireworks’ deep reds and vibrant flashes gave the air a romantic feel as the guests celebrated outside the manor house. St Audries Park looks terrific lit up in the fireworks, and I love that I was able to capture this as well as the excited faces of the guests beneath.

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