Tamil Hindu Wedding at Oshwal Centre

Twa and Len, what a fantastic couple! We started our adventure going to Venice for a pre-wedding shoot which was an amazing event for all of us. You can see the Venice pictures on the blog that I posted earlier in the year. Their wedding was something that everyone was waiting for including myself.

The venue was The Oshwal Centre in Potters Bar. It is an amazing place for wedding photography with its intricately carved Hindu temple and beautiful grounds. The day started very early in the morning as Twa was getting ready at home on the opposite side of London to the venue (about an hour and a half drive away!). Twa arrived at the Oshwal Centre a bit earlier than Len so we had some time to go around the Hindu temple at the Oshwal Centre and take some great portraits photos of the bride and the bridesmaids. Twa then went to a room to hide (the groom is not permitted to see the bride until the ceremony begins) as Len and his entourage were about to arrive. As they entered the venue, they were welcomed by the couple’s family members with traditional prayers and customs.

Asian Hindu Ceremony Photos of Twa and Let at Oshwal Centre in Potters Bar.

The Hindu ceremony then began and included hindu traditions such as the exchanging of the garlands, the tying of the thaali, and walking around the sacred fire. After the ceremony, lunch was served and the families and the guests had the chance to bless the couple by sprinkling rice on their heads; the rice symbolises prosperity and happiness. Later in the evening, we managed to get some beautiful shots in the evening at sunset .

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