Wedding Photos of Laura and Karl at National Liberal Club in London

Laura and Karl are a lovely couple, and I was thrilled to be invited to be their National Liberal Club wedding photographer. The reception was held at the National Liberal Club, a noble and opulent venue in central London. The wedding ceremony itself would be held in a Greek Orthodox Cathedral. The Cathedral was equally impressive, with a huge domed ceiling painted gold above the altar.

Laura and Karl are a stylish couple and were having a wedding to match. Every detail, from the inspiring venues, to the kissing swans on the cake, was beautiful and elegant. Laura and Karl wanted some stylish and artistic shots from the day to hang on the walls of their home. After the ceremony, we made our way to the National Liberal Club to take some photographs. Of course, we had to utilise the beautiful staircase so we headed straight there. I took a beautiful photograph of Laura and Carl walking up the stairs. The staircase itself, with the striking marble and luxurious red carpet, frames the couple as they make their way upstairs. Laura and Carl had chosen a deep red for their wedding colour, and Laura’s bouquet looks perfect alongside the vibrant red carpet beneath.

One of the things I love about Laura and Karl’s wedding album is the use of light. There are a number of shots lit by natural light, for example the great photo of them sharing a private moment between the building’s iconic columns. However, there are also a number of photographs that use darkness to create striking images. We made our way to the drawing room, turned off the lights, and used only the desk lamps to light a number of photos of the couple alone. These are beautiful and powerful images that show the elegance of the venue, as well as the style and personality of the couple.

Wedding Photos of Laura and Carl at National Liberal Club in London

Documentary Wedding Photography at National Liberal Club

Laura and Karl wanted me to capture the day as a fly on the wall. Using documentary wedding photography at National Liberal Club is great, because the venue is so beautiful that all of the shots have impressive backdrops. Using reportage or documentary style photography techniques, I was able to capture the day as it happened. From the children having fun in the drawing rooms, using the desk lamps to light their doodles, to family and friends sitting around laughing during the meal.

I also used documentary photography techniques to capture the Greek wedding traditions throughout the day. There is a great photo of Laura and Karl performing the money dance together. This historic tradition dates back to the early 1900s, and acts as a way of guests wishing the couple well. The newlyweds dance together, as friends and family pin money to them. It is traditional for the first notes to be pinned to the bride, but as you can see from the photos, by the end of the dance Carl was wearing a crown of banknotes.

The National Liberal Club was established in 1882 to provide club facilities for Liberal Party campaigners. The beautiful building stands proudly on the Embankment of the River Thames. The neo gothic building is in central London, close to the Houses of Parliament. Ideally located for a London wedding, the magnificent architecture is a pleasure to photograph. Of course, I am always thrilled to be asked to capture a wedding, but especially when the location is as beautiful as this.

As a National Liberal Club wedding photographer, I was excited by the grandeur and elegance of this venue. The walls are filled with striking images in gold frames, and the staircase is simply out of this world. The large marble staircase curves between the floors, lined with a red carpet, is an ideal setting for wedding photographs. The imposing full-sized artwork displayed by the staircase add to the impressive backdrop.

If you are getting married, and would like documentary wedding photography at National Liberal Club, please get in touch. I have photographed weddings all over London and in the surrounding counties, in fact I have even travelled across the world to photograph weddings. I specialise in documentary style wedding photography, and pride myself on capturing those important in between moments – the nervous glance before the I do, the reassuring hand holding before the speech, and the contentment on the newlyweds’ faces as they depart from their wedding reception. I also offer posed and artistic shots, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements and check my availability.

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