As a Morden Hall Wedding Photographer I was really excited when Corinna and Ed contacted me. This happend after I was recommended to them by another couple. A couple whose wedding I had previously photographed. And being approached via word of mouth is always a lovely start! So I didn’t actually meet Corinna and Ed until their big day. But we did have a video Skype call. And we chatted about their wedding day and life in general. As it turned out they live right next to St Mary of Eton Church in Hackney. This is where they planned to get married. And for their reception venue Corinna and Ed chose Morden Hall in south London. As you will see this is a really stunning venue! And not only for the wedding party itself but also from a photography perspective. So wedding photography at Morden Hall is pure pleasure.

Old Red Routemaster Buses

The wedding day was great right from the start. The energy and vibe that was present at the bridal preparations and carried on for the rest of day. The church ceremony was stunning. As the priest Chris was very warm and welcoming. And the ceremony itself was full of emotion and fun with two readings. It all finished with beautiful confetti “snow” right before they jumped into a white London Cab. You may want to have a look at an interesting number plate, lets see if you can spot it!. The guests were taken to the reception venue by two old red routemaster buses and I followed them in my car.

Funnily enough I arrived just after the couple and long before the guests. As the wedding party needed to have some stops on the way to the venue – alcohol may have been involved! So while waiting for the guests arrival we used the time. And we  had a gorgeous portrait session inside Morden Hall house itself.

Wedding Photos of Corina and Ed at Morden Hall

Natural Style Wedding Photography at Morden Hall

As a Morden Hall Wedding Photographer I didn’t try to direct the guests, instead I stood on the sidelines looking for the perfect shots. This is my usual approach, and even during the official group shots I preferred not to interfere too much. So for example while we were taking family shoot,  younger guests were playing around during and had great fun being part of the photo. And I believe they added so much to the pictures. Please look for instance at the one where bride and the braid-maids are posing and the boy is running around – I think its so amazing !!!

I always remember that my job as a wedding photographer is to capture the entire day using only my camera. And my photos need to be beautiful, to capture a perfect moment in time. But also to be part of a bigger narrative that tells the story of wedding day from start to finish. This is why I took a few photographs as Corinna was getting ready for the day, drinking prosecco with bridesmaids etc. All these are real life moments that are happening on a wedding day.  Many couples choose to have me stay to photograph their first dance. And the First dance of Corina and Ed at Morden Hall was really amazing, so was the party after. Great music and energy!

Wedding Photography at Morden Hall in south London

The string quartet ( were an excellent addition. And their interpretation of Por Una Cabeza stills echoes in my head – so beautiful and inspiring! The guests arrived and the party continued outdoors followed by some group shots and the throwing of the bouquet. I managed to capture a perfect shot from above which I’m very pleased with! After some mingling the dinner was equally fantastic – the speeches were full of laughter and there was a great atmosphere. The union of UK and Ireland was sealed and manifested with the flags given to the couple by the father of the bride. And then the two best-men were “very kind” to the groom but managed to provided very good entertainment for the guest in the same time:).

Magic Hour photos at Morden Hall

As you may already know I do like shots in the evening light. So we had a few more evening portraits during the golden hour, the sunset itself and “blue” hour. Then it was the first dance, followed by party time and a barbecue. What else do you need to have a great wedding!?

I believe that my unobtrusive and relaxed style put the bride and groom and the guests at ease. As a result It allowed me to capture the beauty of the day from start to finish. Putting people at ease is an important aspect of my job. As it means the photos are natural and I capture the real emotion of the day. I am really please with the photos of Corinna and Ed at their wedding. And I could feel they had a full trust in my which is a great feeling and it allowed me to deliver great pictures.

So if you like the photos below and are looking for a Morden Hall wedding photographer please contact me to check my availability.