As a Meddle Temple Hall wedding photographer, it was an honour to be invited into this prestigious venue to capture Jessie and Dan’s big day. Middle Temple Hall has a rich history and a deep sense of tradition that you can feel as soon as you enter the building. Some of the greatest names in British history have walked the halls, from Shakespeare to Charles Dickens, Queen Elizabeth I and beyond. It is one of those places in London where you can almost feel events from the past unfolding around you as you stride from room to room. Steeped in elegance, the majestic Middle Temple Hall is the perfect venue for a fairy tale wedding. Guests are understandably impressed by the secluded beauty and splendour of this fantastic place. Wood-panelled walls, tall ceilings, and towering windows draping the rooms with natural sunlight – Middle Temple Hall has everything you could want for your big day.

Getting Married At Middle Temple Hall

After the brightly coloured and gorgeous ceremony, the party headed out onto the lawns at Middle Temple Hall. The weather was excellent, and it was lovely to see guests mixing and having fun together in this vast outdoor space. Children ran around excitedly, letting off steam after sitting quietly during the ceremony! I took the newlyweds for a quiet walk to get some photographs of the two of them. This is always one of my favourite parts of the day. Fresh from their vows, the couple is happy and excited for the rest of the day. This may be one of the only moments they get to spend alone, so I take photographs from a distance, giving them space to catch up while I capture their joy. I love the photos of Jessie and Dan walking down the secluded street in their finery; it’s such a beautiful shot.

Wedding Photos of Jessie and Dan at Middle Temple Hall in Central London

The breakfast hall at Middle Temple Hall was absolutely breathtaking, with a huge ceiling and wood-panelled walls. Long tables filled the space, and guests enjoyed a delicious meal after the ceremony was over. Later in the day, once the sun had set, I took them out again to capture some pictures of them after dark. With the London Eye lit up in the background, these images truly capture the central London vibes of this beautiful celebration.

Natural Style Wedding Photography at Middle Temple Hall in London

I love photographs that tell a story. I love pictures that capture the fun and movement of a moment. I don’t think wedding albums should be staged; I think they should be a fly on the wall recollection of the day – and that’s exactly what I offer. I love the images from this Middle Temple Hall wedding, especially the ones of the celebration in the evening. The dance floor is heaving, and the images are filled with smiling faces and excitement. This was a great celebration with plenty of music and dancing, and I’m glad the pictures reflect this. The guests had a fantastic time learning new dance moves and cheering on the musicians; the wedding album would have been incomplete if it hadn’t featured these moments! As you can see from the pictures, everybody was having fun and putting their all into the celebrations.

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