The Law Society is a grade II listed building in London. Built in 1832, this venue offers grand period features in abundance. From the imposing marble columns, to the rich red carpet in the hallway, The Law Society is a beautiful building. There are delicate stained glass windows, and magnificent arches filled with books, so for a Law Society wedding photographer, there are lots of impressive photograph backdrops to choose from.

As you can see from the establishing shot, the Law Society is a wonderful venue for a wedding. The iconic wrought iron signage underneath the impossibly tall marble columns, is overlooked by the beautifully sculpted marble ceiling. It really is an impressive venue.

I was very pleased when Zara and Ben asked me to be their wedding photographer. I was looking forward to a Jewish wedding at the Law Society in London, and to capturing the day for them. Zara and Ben chose me as their wedding photographer because they loved my reportage style photography. I specialise in documentary photography, and pride myself on capturing the day as it happens. As well as the traditional wedding shots, many couples now want to remember the in between moments. Zara and Ben are one of those couples, and asked me to capture the day as a fly on the wall.

Wedding Photos of Zara and ben at The Law Society in London

Jewish Wedding at The Law Society in London

Zara wanted some photographs of her preparing for the wedding, so I started my day in the bridal suite with the make up artist and some of Zara’s close friends. Zara wanted a photograph of her shoes, as many brides do, and I really like how this image turned out. The shoes had intricate lace and detailing on the sole, so I wanted to show all of this in the photograph. Zara’s wedding garter (and ‘something blue’) also features in the photograph. I don’t often get asked to photograph garters, but I think it’s great to document all of the traditions included in a wedding.

As a Jewish wedding photographer, I understand the important rituals and traditions incorporated into Jewish wedding ceremonies. Zara and Ben didn’t want posed photographs, but wanted the day to be captured as it happened. In Jewish weddings, it is traditional for the bride to wear a veil covering her face, until she is unveiled by her husband (who would traditionally check that it was in fact his bride to be before marrying her). There’s a great photo of Zara’s dad lifting the veil in the air, about to place it over his daughter’s face, as the bridesmaids look on. Zara is lit by the sunlight streaming through a distant window. I hope that this photo will always remind her of how she felt at that moment, as she prepared to walk down the aisle with her proud father.

There is a great photo of Zara and Ben sharing their first dance together. It always strikes me that though these are private moments, they occur in front of a room full of friends and family. I tried to capture this in the photograph by framing the dancing newlyweds with out of focus guests. The couple can be seen clearly in an embrace, while their guests look on.

It would be difficult to photograph at the Law Society without including a shot of the iconic bookcases. The tall bookcases stretch from wall to wall, and almost reach the ceiling. The shelves are filled with heavy leather-bound law books, and look just magnificent. As Zara and Ben shared a private word on the balcony, I took a photograph of them from across the room. The photograph is framed by the grand marble columns. The couple can be seen talking in front of the historic bookshelves. The photograph really captures the academic beauty of the venue. Zara and Ben didn’t want any staged photograph, so I took this photograph in my usual style, though I think it could easily pass as a staged shot because of the impressive venue surrounding them.

I specialise in reportage style wedding photography. If you want to be transported back to the day each time you open your wedding album, then you may find that reportage wedding photography is for you. My photographs show the spirit of the wedding by capturing the excitement, enjoyment and love on the day. If you would like a photographer for your Jewish wedding at the Law Society in London, please get in touch.