I love my job – photographing people during some of their happiest moments. It’s always an honour to be asked to document a couple’s big day for them. My working days are filled with smiling guests, in love couples and romantic settings. Karen and Amit are a great couple, and I was happy when they asked me to photograph their wedding for them. Not only because I love photographing weddings, but also because being their wedding photographer would mean a trip to Israel. For a wedding photographer Israel is truly wonderful. It is such a stunning country, with natural beauty wherever you turn.

I met with Karen and Amit before the day of the wedding, so that we could discuss the sort of wedding photographs they wanted. I specialise in reportage style photography, capturing the day as a fly on the wall. I also love taking artistic shots, and was really pleased to hear Karen and Amit say they wanted some arty shots in their wedding album.

One of my favourite shots from the day, shows Karen and Amit embracing in a darkly lit store room. The exposed brick and neatly stacked shelves behind fade into darkness. Karen and Amit are lit by a golden light. The photograph looks almost painted, and I think it’s a great addition to their wedding album.

While Israel offers rich gardens and sea views, it also offers magnificent city lights. I took Karen and Amit for a walk at dusk, to try and make the most of Israel’s beautiful nighttime scenery. As the sun was going down, and the sky filled with beautiful blues and pinks, I took a photo of Karen and Amit on the pier. Karen is gazing out of shot, and Amit is looking lovingly at her. This photograph was taken not long before the ceremony, and the couple were feeling excited about the evening’s celebrations.

Wedding Photos or Karen and Amit in Israel

Jewish Wedding Photographer

There is a beautiful photograph of Karen and Amit gazing lovingly at each other in front of the night sky. Behind them are the out of focus bright coloured lights across the harbour, and the couple are lit by a simple street light out of shot. I always visit the venue and local area in the lead up to the wedding, looking for places to take the best photographs.

Karen and Amit asked me to photograph the ceremony using documentary style photography. This means that rather than setting up shots, I was to capture events as they unfolded. They wanted the pictures to reflect the reality. As a Jewish wedding photographer in Israel, I was looking forward to capturing some of the traditional rituals. There is a lovely photo of Amit holding out the wine glass for Karen, as their mothers looked on proudly. This is an important part of a Jewish wedding ceremony, and I love how the photo turned out.

Karen and Amit spent most of the day laughing together, it is always a pleasure to be in the company of a couple so in love. After the ceremony, as Karen and Amit danced on the dance floor under the glaring lights, I managed to get a beautiful photo of them. The smoke and lights have created a purple glow in the background, and Karen and Amit are laughing and look very in love. This picture really sums up the wedding for me. It was a fun celebration for two people very much in love.

As the night went on, the dance floor became even livelier. Everywhere I turned there were people laughing and having fun, and I tried to capture as much of this as possible, so that Karen and Amit can look back and relive their special day. There are some great shots of guests dancing, and even one of a guest jumping high into the air. There were plenty of dance floor games played throughout the evening, and I documented some of these as well.

Jewish Wedding Photography in Israel

I am a professional wedding photographer based in the UK, though I am happy to travel across the world to photograph weddings. I am an experienced Jewish wedding photographer, and understand the traditions and rituals that make Jewish weddings unique. If you are in need of a Jewish wedding photographer in Israel, please get in touch.