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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your style of photography?
In short – FUN. The longer answer is that my photography is natural and documentary style. I follow the events of the day, photographing unobtrusively to capture real moments as they happen. I tend not to pose our shots unless you would like me to. The goal is to tell the story of your Wedding Day, capturing all the fun and emotions through beautiful images; that is my style.

Q: Do you photograph posed group shots?
Yes, I do take photographs of groups. People usually like to gather for their pre-planned group shots with close family and friends right after the ceremony. It is rare for a couple to have no group shots, with most couples getting towards a few portraits with family members.

Q: Do you direct and pose couples?
My style is reportage and I follow the day unobtrusively … but I also do pose couple at certain stages, although I do not like the word POSING, I prefer “action-reaction” IDEAS that evoke emotions and natural poses.

Q: Do you shoot the dress, shoes, flowers etc?
Yes, although I am primary a reportage photographer I always shoot all the details just like most other photographers as my ultimate goal is to provide you with breathtaking images of the entire day.

Q: Can you travel to Cambridge/Italy/Spain or The Bahamas?
I am London Based Wedding Photographer but I am able to photograph your wedding at any location. Expenses for travel and accommodation are recovered at cost.

Q: What equipment do you use? Digital? Colour or black and white?
I use two professional Canon 5d MK III digital camera and prime lens systems (24mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2 and 85mm 1.8), these lenses are top quality and allow me to photograph most situations without the need of using the flash (but I obviously have them for special situations). Canon cameras sit very well my inconspicuous style and I love the colours the Canon cameras deliver. The nature of digital means that each image starts life as a colour photo and I shoot in RAW format. Any changes to black and white or sepia tones are conversions done in a later process.

Q: Do you carry spare equipment?
Yes, I always carry back up cameras, lenses, batteries etc… to make sure your wedding day goes smoothly from my end.

Q: Do you do your own printing?
Yes, each couple will get the access code for their private secure gallery from where (if you like) you can order very high quality printouts both on paper and canvas.

Q: Do you design and create Wedding Albums?
Yes, I design all the Albums myself, and they receive lots of attention and love as well as all my pictures. The printing is done by a professional Lab and they are available in different sizes and with various covers. I will bring with me and show you my sample wedding Albums when we meet.

Q: How do we hire you?
We sign a contract and I ask for a 20% booking fee to secure your date.