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I am Adam, a professional Essex wedding photographer, my camera is never far from my hands. I have been passionate about photography since as long as I can remember. As you can imagine I may not have started out with as good a quality camera as I have now that I work in wedding photography. But I always challenged myself to take the best photograph possible. From images of beautiful landscapes, breathtaking sunsets and family celebrations. I was always called upon to capture the moment. Aa a result I grew up taking photographs of my friends and family members. From high school parties, wedding anniversaries, birthday celebrations and your run of the mill days out.  And I would always have my camera with me, snapping away to capture the fun I was having.

Observation – not orchestration

Thanks to this experience, I’m pretty good at putting people at ease. If you’re nervous in front of a camera, or worry that your friends and family might be, you need a wedding photographer who can make people feel comfortable. With my relaxed and friendly style, I’m able to capture photos of wedding guests looking, acting and feeling natural. I won’t boss your family about, or end up in a row with your flower girl about having her photograph taken. Instead, I’ll be weaving my way around the venue, capturing the magic on display. And I’ll capture the laughter, love and atmosphere of the day. I’ll get all of the all important wedding album shots, but I’ll also capture so much more than that.

Essex wedding photographers bride and groom hugging in front of the wedding venue

Oh yes, I am always grateful for this passion I call a job. I spend my days surrounded by love, happiness and smiling crowds of people in their best clothes. It’s my job to find out which table the bridesmaid is hiding under so I can take a photograph of her eating the stolen strawberries from your wedding cake. While you enjoy your wedding day it’s my job to capture the tears in your dad’s eyes as he sees you in your wedding dress for the first time. It’s my job to photograph the moment your great aunt gives some highly personal advice to your new husband whilst he tries to stifle his laughter. These are the moments that make a wedding truly personal. And these are the things I pride myself on capturing.

Wedding Photographer Essex

When it comes to Essex wedding photography, I pride myself on taking beautiful photographs that tell a story. When you look through the photographs in years to come, you will feel like you are back to that moment. You’ll be able to smell the perfume as you got ready with your bridesmaids. You’ll be able to feel the touch of your husband’s hands in yours as you said your vows, and you’ll be able to hear the raucous laughter during the best man’s speech.

I specialise in reportage wedding photography. This means taking photographs that narrate the story of the day, that simply report what happened rather than try to dictate it. It is also sometimes referred to as documentary style wedding photographer. The photographs I take will make the most of your choice of venue. I will make sure that your wedding album features the romantic and imposing staircase in the hallway. As well as the acres of farmland stretching out into the distance, the impressive marble columns at the door of the venue, and the festoon lighting snaking across the courtyard. in other words, I will make sure that my wedding photos captures everything you love about your chosen venue. I already photographed wedding at number of venues in Essex: Boreham House, The Reid Rooms and Fennes Estate.

Wedding photographer Essex confetti shot

And I always love taking artistic shots, these are the ones that will leave you feeling breathless. The ones that will get blown up, framed and hung proudly on your wall. The ones visitors will be complimenting you on for years to come.

These are the photos that show you, the newlyweds, happy and contented together surrounded by something beautiful. It could be the natural beauty of a sunset, the flicker of fairy lights against a dark sky, or the peeling paint from an abandoned garden shed.

I always make a recce to the wedding venue before the big day. Whilst there, I’ll introduce myself to the staff so that your big day can run seamlessly. I’ll have a look round the venue, find my footing and keep an eye out for great places to shoot. As a wedding photographer, I have a good eye for great photo backgrounds. I’ll walk around the venue and the grounds, making notes of any potential backdrops. And I’ll be thinking about all weather types, and will have a backup plan for if we’re greeted with typically British weather on the day. I’ll do all of this in advance, so that the photographs are seamless on the day.

Wedding Photos in Essex

I am based in London, but am lucky enough to get to travel the world as part of my work. So, I have photographed weddings across the UK, at holiday destinations and as far afield as India. I can’t help but feel lucky to have a job that invites not only into the joy of people’s’ lives but also to the far corners of the earth. As a wedding photographer Essex is always one of my favourite places to visit.

Essex wedding photography couple photo shot bride holding flowers

Telling the story – Creative Documentary & Natural Style

If you would like me to capture your Essex wedding photography, be sure to contact me in good time. You might be surprised how quickly my weekends fill up, especially in the summer months once wedding season is in full swing. Some of my clients choose to book well over a year in advance to make sure I’m there to capture their big day for them. So don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your wedding plans. It always pays to plan ahead when it comes to something as important as your wedding day.

If you’d like to find out more about me, or discover more about the services I offer, get in touch without delay. We can chat on the phone, converse via email or meet up for a coffee to discuss your big wedding plans. I can talk you through my portfolio, explain a little more about how I work. And even share with you a few of the most flattering customer testimonials I’ve received! In return, you can tell me about your wedding. You can show me wedding photography you love, and even a few examples of what you hate. You can talk me through the day, and I can make suggestions for photography ideas you may not have thought of.

Couple shot by the magic hour in front of the venue

After that, we can set up a pre wedding photo shoot. A lot of my clients choose to have these done. You’ll get the chance to see how I work before the big day, and I’ll get the chance to figure out what you like and don’t like. You’ll also end up with some stunning photographs of the two of you, ones where you aren’t in your wedding attire! Some people even choose to use these images for their wedding stationery.

I don’t only photograph weddings in Essex, but I am also happy to travel to any of the Local counties and other parts of the UK or abroad for destination weddings.

So if you are looking for Essex Wedding Photographer please  contact Adam – London Wedding Photographer to discuss your wedding requirements.

Please also visit my Essex Wedding Videography page if you are interested in wedding films in cinematic style.

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