Engagement Photos of Veena and Kris in London

Hi, I am Adam, an Asian Wedding Photographer and Videographer based in London.

Veena and Kris invited me to take charge of their engagement photography session in London near St. Paul’s Cathedral. That part of London is particularly beautiful, with the skyscrapers reaching up to touch the clouds, and the wealth of historical and architecturally beautiful buildings to admire. I met the couple high up, and started the shoot by photographing the couple on a balcony overlooking the city. Behind them, skyscrapers, tourist attractions and history stretched out in the horizon, and Veena and Kris looked happy, relaxed and in love as I took their photographs. It was the perfect start for this capital city pre-wedding photography session London.

Not every couple chooses to have an engagement photography session, but they should – and here’s why it is grew to have an Engagement Session in London :

● It will leave you with something more substantial than a selfie. Selfies are great, of course, but they don’t capture your relationship, or the love you share. They mostly just capture your heads.
● You probably haven’t had a professional photographer take your photograph yet – not many couples rush out to hire a professional photographer on the first date. In fact, your couple photo collection is likely to be a bit sorry looking – ranging from selfies to mirror shots, but an engagement session in London could change all that, giving you a host of beautiful photographs to treasure.
● You can announce in style – if you’re planning on having a long engagement, or have family across the world who haven’t yet met your family, a professional photograph is the perfect way to announce the news. Sometimes, a Facebook post simply won’t do.
● You’ll have photos for the wedding – save the dates, invites, and wedding favours, are all open to personalisation, go the extra mile by including gorgeous photos of you and your loved one on your stationery.
● You’ll get to see what a photographer is really like – after spending a few hours at an engagement session London, you’ll know whether a wedding photographer is the right fit.
● You’ll find out more about photography – a pre-engagement wedding photography session gives you the chance to try out a selection of photograph styles. You can experiment with posed, artistic, reportage and quirky shots until you find the ones you love. You won’t have time for this on your wedding day, so it makes sense to do it in advance.

Engagement Photography Session in London near St. Paul’s Cathedral

I am an experienced, passionate and professional wedding photographer. I love photography, I love happy endings, and I love pleasing my clients. Whatever you would like, get in touch so we can discuss photography styles, locations and photo ideas. I pride myself on producing beautiful images inkeeping with the ideas of my clients. If you’d like to find out my availability for your engagement photography London, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Engagement Photo Session in London

Veena and Kris asked for the engagement photography session in London near St. Paul’s Cathedral because they wanted some shots of them outside the cathedral. My favourite photograph of them near St. Paul’s Cathedral shows them standing on the steps of the imposing building, as the dome towers above them from behind. They look happy, holding hands whilst smiling into the camera, as the white sunlight covers them and the cathedral in a mystical glow. It’s a great shot for their engagement photography session London album, and will look great on wedding stationery if they choose to use it for that.

My absolute favourite shot from this engagement session in London, shows Veena and Kris embracing in the street. They look beautiful and in love in this stylish statement photograph. In black and white, the contrast highlights the geometric shapes framing their embrace. The photograph is striking, unusual and beautiful. There is even a glare of street light glinting from a puddle beneath Veena’s raised foot which adds an extra layer of beauty to this unforgettable image. I hope that Veena and Kris love this photograph as much as I do, and that it stays on display in their home for all their guests to admire. It tells the story of a city-dwelling professional couple’s romance, which is pretty much exactly what Veena and Kris asked for when they invited me to photograph their engagement session London.

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