People always comment on the weather at weddings. The general consensus seems to be that a sunny wedding is the best, but I have to say, as a photographer, there is a lot of beauty to be found in photographs of snow-capped wedding venues. So I was excited when I woke up to a curtain of white snow on the day I was going to be Sam and Roni’s The Elvetham Hotel wedding photographer.

Winter weddings really are beautiful. The glisten of the fallen snow, the chill in the air, and the romance of snuggling up to loved ones for warmth. It doesn’t often snow at the right time, but when it does, it’s perfect. The establishing shots of Sam and Roni’s interfaith wedding at The Elvetham Hotel in Hampshire look like Victorian postcards. The bright white skies, the snow covered ground, and the beautiful etching detail that falling snow gives to the trees and buildings in the photographs.

Wedding Photos of Sam and Roni at The Elvetham Hotel in Hampshire

Interfaith wedding at The Elvetham Hotel in Hampshire

I am always pleased to be asked to photograph a wedding, but I was especially looking forward to being Sam and Roni’s The Elvetham Hotel wedding photographer. I often photograph Jewish weddings, and have done my fair share of Catholic weddings, as well as plenty of Christian weddings. I love the rituals and traditions unique to each faith’s ceremonies, so I was especially excited to be invited to photograph Sam and Roni’s interfaith wedding at The Elvetham Hotel in Hampshire. Theirs was to be a Christian Catholic and Jewish wedding, and I couldn’t wait to see how this was done.

Sam and Roni asked me to document the ceremony for them, and to capture the rituals and traditions used during the service. I used reportage style photography to capture the event as it happened, and to make sure I caught as much of the ceremony as possible.

The venue was breathtaking, and there is a beautiful shot of Sam and her father making their way to the ceremony. The venue had imposing cathedral windows over the main staircase, the windows must have been 20 feet high, that filled the venue with light as sun shone through the stained glass. I took a photograph of Sam and her father as they walked past the windows, and the resulting photograph is just lovely.

Christian Catholic and Jewish Wedding at The Elvetham Hotel in Hampshire

The ceremony took place under the Chuppah, as is traditional in Jewish weddings. The ceremony was given by a Rabbi and a Priest, with both taking turns to speak about their faith. It was beautiful to see two religious leaders marrying together their religion in such a way. I took a photograph of Roni’s face as Sam entered the room. Roni is standing under the Chuppah and has a proud smile on his face, and is standing next to the Priest who has a Bible held firmly in his hand. Behind the two men stands the Rabbi, awaiting his turn to talk.

The ceremony was a lot of fun, with balloons being blown up at one point. There is a great photo of the Priest inflating a balloon, while the bride laughs in her chair. It was one of those moments you had to witness, but I hope the photograph reminds Sam of how much fun the ceremony was, and how she felt on that day. I photographed the breaking of the glass, a Jewish tradition that I have photographed many times. Historically, the couple are given a brand new wine glass out of which they share a sip of wine. The guests then shout “Mazel Tov!” while the groom smashes the glass by stamping on it. For obvious reasons, the glass is now wrapped up before being smashed, and I photographed this for Sam and Roni’s wedding photographs. I thoroughly enjoyed being Sam and Roni’s interfaith wedding photographer at The Elvetham Hotel. I was with the couple from early that morning, until the first dance. It was such a wonderful day, and I was so honoured to capture it for them. One of my favourite shots from the day, is of Sam and Roni enjoying a quiet moment outside. It’s a beautiful shot, lit up by the building lights, and with snow falling in the background as the couple share a private dance.

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