if you are looking for a Eastwell Manor Wedding Photographer you came to the right palce. My name is Adam and I’m a Kent Wedding Photographer and Videographer.  I have been shooting weddings for over 10 years. So, why having a wedding at Eastwell Manor in Ashford? Well, it’s a really stunning place for a wedding. The beauty of that venue is like a photographer’s dream canvas, right? The lush gardens, the classic architecture, it’s all so picturesque!

Eastwell Manor in Ashford is a truly enchanting venue that provides a picturesque backdrop for weddings, making it a dream location for couples tying the knot like Joanna and Alex. As a wedding photographer, capturing the essence of such a special day at Eastwell Manor is an incredibly rewarding experience. Nestled in the heart of the Kent countryside, Eastwell Manor boasts a rich history and stunning architecture. The lush gardens, scenic views, and the manor’s timeless charm offer an idyllic setting for couples seeking a romantic and elegant wedding celebration. The Manor itself, with its elegant façade and sprawling grounds, offers this timeless backdrop that can make every picture seem like it’s from a storybook.

Wedding Photos of Joanna & Alex


Eastwell Manor in Ashford, Kent

Historic Charm of Eastwell Manor

The gardens there are something else, aren’t they? They’ve got this natural charm that’s perfect for those intimate moments between the couple or those candid shots with family and friends. Plus, the way the light plays around those gardens during different times of the day, it’s a photographer’s paradise!
Lighting is key when it comes to photography, and Eastwell Manor offers various lighting scenarios throughout the day. The natural light filtering through the windows of the manor or casting soft shadows in the gardens can create a magical ambiance for your photos. Be mindful of the changing light throughout the day and use it to your advantage to add depth and mood to your images.
And let’s not forget about the interiors. The historic charm blended with luxurious touches creates an ambiance that adds that extra allure to wedding photos. Those grand halls and cozy corners offer so many opportunities for capturing those candid, heartfelt moments.

Best spots for your wedding photography at Eastwell Manor

As a photographer, I’ve probably discovered the best spots for that perfect shot—the hidden corners, the breathtaking views, and those little details that make each wedding unique. The thing about Eastwell Manor is that it seems to offer something new to capture with every wedding, doesn’t it? Each event has its own story, its own set of emotions, and that’s what makes your job as a photographer so special.

Crafting a blog about Eastwell Manor weddings would be a treat. From sharing tips for the perfect shots in different seasons to highlighting the diverse beauty of each wedding held there, your blog could be a treasure trove for couples planning their special day.
As a wedding photographer, seizing this golden hour opportunity at Eastwell Manor could result in some of the most breathtaking shots of the day. The gardens become a painter’s palette, with vibrant colors taking on a dreamlike quality under the golden light. The majestic architecture of the manor itself, bathed in this warm glow, exudes a timeless charm that’s simply irresistible for your lens.

So, if you are looking some some to photograph your weddings at Eastwell Manor? It’s gorgeous landscapes, the historic charm, or the joy of capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments please get in touch with Adam.