Destination Pre Wedding Photography Venice | Twa + Len

Destination Pre Wedding Photography in Venice, Italy

It was great right from the beginning. We bonded With Twa and Len over glass of whiskey and red wine whilst we discussed their upcoming wedding day. It turned out that Twa and Len were very keen on a pre wedding photo shot and when Len mentioned that they got engaged in Venice, Italy. So the choice for the destination pre wedding photography Venice became some kind of obvious. Soon after that they got back to me saying yes, lets go to Venice, – we all got very excited. Twa booked us an apartment just a few minutes walk from the San Mark Square and we were ready to go. Due to some miscommunication a two bed room apartment we booked turned out to be a one bedroom. So yes, we shared the room, with me sleeping on a sofa bed – what a gentlemen I am I :-)))! The whole experience as you can guess helped us to bond very well.

Relaxed and Natural Photos

Twa and Len came very well prepared to Venice, with a few different outfits including a traditional Indian Sari, plus some casual and some smart cloths. All of this added to the variety of shots for destination pre wedding photography Venice, all at different times of the day and evening. They even brought masks for the shots as per my suggestion, although not very keen on them I think one or two photos came out very nicely. We spent most of the day exploring and shooting, all natural with some kind of posing involved. All relaxed.

Photography Trip to Murano and Burano

We spent two days together exploring Venice itself as well as the beautiful islands Murano and Burano. The first island famous for its glass factory and the second one for its colorful painted houses. If you are visiting Venice I would strongly recommend you to go to these little islands, a water bus will take you there in an hour or so and well worth going. See few of the last shots in this post.We all enjoyed the trip to Venice over the weekend, it helped us to become friends and prepared for their wedding day. Our communication which was already good, improved so much so on their wedding day (which was last week) I could feel they felt totally at ease with me and in front of the camera so that we could produce some really great destination pre wedding photography Venice. This helped us to create a very good atmosphere that helped me to capture their day in a natural way – soon also on the blog. I felt like I was a guest with a camera at their wedding and this was great feeling, fully accepted by the couple as well as by their family and friends.

Please enjoy the photos and if you feel you would like to go to your dream destination for a wedding itself or a pre wedding photo shoot please drop me line and we will take it form there.


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  • Patryk

    Wow! Amazing photos Adam!

  • Rich Howman

    Gorgeous set of images Adam – I love the one peeking out from behind a mask (silhouette). They must be delighted with these! Great work man!

    • Adams Photo Art Photography

      Thanks a lot Rich, yes, I like this one too. They are very happy with outcome I was told :))

  • Chip Radoslavov

    What a beautiful session in Venice! Really good work and a beautiful Asian couple! Thanks for sharing

  • Steve

    Really captured the emotions well. Great portraits, whilst still capturing the fun and joy of the moment! Love this

  • fotograf ślubny lublin

    Wow, what an incredible set of photos ;-)

  • Peregrine

    Many wonderful images in this set, really lovely , wow!!

  • Mona Ali

    LOVE Venice!! And what a gorgeous set of images in one of my favourite places!! Great stuff Adam.

  • Adams Photo Art Photography

    Thanks a lot Mona, yes I know you love Venice, me too :)) Its like out of this world, a fairy tale town!

  • Kevin Belson

    Amazing set. I love the worn out old buildings and the colours. The nighttime shot on the bridge is amazing. I’m not even jealous. Did I see David Cameron and his pet seagull in one?

    • Adams Photo Art Photography

      Thanks a lot Kevin… Yes, it might have been David, the profile is very resembling… :)

  • Lorenzo Photography

    You’ve absolutely nailed it. Awesome colour and a very stylish couple!

  • Neil Palmer

    Love these Adam, fantastic colours !

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