If you are looking for a Compton Verney wedding photographer, you came to the right place. I am Adam, Hi, I am Adam, a London Wedding Photographer and Videographer based in London. Welcome to my Compton Verney Wedding Photography page, please feel free to scroll down the photos of Maariyah and Aleem taken at this amazing wedding venue in Warwickshire.

Compton Verney is an award-winning art gallery within 120 acres of beautiful grounds filled with art, nature and creativity. It is a unique wedding venue that offers guests something different than your typical event space. Compton Verney House was built in the 18th century. It has been through various remodels during its history and now houses the Compton Verney Art Gallery, a unique space offering visitors the opportunity to experience art.

Wedding Ceremony in the Chapel

Maariyah and Aleem’s ceremony took place in the chapel, a stunning light building with beautiful arched windows and ornate carvings along the walls. It’s a simply perfect setting for a wedding ceremony, with a neutral palette and plenty of natural light flooding in through the towering windows, and the resulting photos are breathtaking.

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Wedding Photos of Maariyah and Aleem at Compton Verney in Warwickshire


Asian Wedding Elements and Western Culture

After the ceremony, Maariyah threw her dreamy pastel bouquet into the crowd as guests waited in the chapel to see who would be lucky enough to catch it. This tradition has fallen out of favour in recent years but is always great fun when it does happen. Maariyah and Aleem wedding is a mix of Asian and western culture wedding. Maariyah was wearing her traditional hindu outfit Sari while Aleem was wearing a suit. Please a also have a look on more Asian weddings.

Compton Verney is a beautiful wedding venue that sets itself apart from other wedding venues. Straight after the ceremony, guests were entertained with live music and drinks as they admired the art on display in the gallery. I love the photos of the elegantly dressed guests sipping champagne as a violinist plays in the corner of the gallery.

Artwork at Your Wedding at Compton Verney

As their guests admired the artwork, I took Maariyah and Aleem on a walk through the gallery and grounds. This is always such a special time of day, as the newlyweds take a few minutes away from their guests to spend time together and pose for pictures they will cherish forever. The art gallery provided the perfect backdrop, and one of my favourite shots shows the couple seated in front of an enormous painting in an opulent room in the gallery.

We took some breathtaking pictures of the couples silhouetted by the setting sun against the wild grasses of the grounds. My favourite picture from Maariyah and Adeem’s big day was taken outside at sunset. With Compton Verney House in the background and the sun setting in the distance, Maariyah and Aleem gaze into one another’s eyes on a bridge as smoke begins to surround them behind. It’s a striking image of a couple very much in love; it captures the splendour of their chosen wedding venue and the romance of taking a moment away from the celebrations on your big day.