Full of Emotions Wedding Photography at Clissold House

Hi, I am Adam, a London based wedding photographer. I had been looking forward to my day as Miranda and Ronan’s Clissold House wedding photographer for a while. Miranda and Ronan are a lovely couple, and I was excited to capture the day for them. I met with the couple before the wedding to talk through their ideas. Some couples have very specific ideas for their wedding photographs. Whereas others are happy to let the photographer take the reins. Miranda and Ronan wanted a mix of photography styles.  And they wanted their wedding album to capture the romance of the day.

Clissold House is an exceptional wedding venue, and it is always an honour to spend the day as a Clissold House wedding photographer. I visited the venue before the wedding, to come up with some photo ideas I thought Miranda and Ronan would love. The 18th century grade II listed building is filled with stunning features and breath-taking views, so there were lots of potential locations to choose from. Clissold House was renovated in recent years, and has a contemporary, stylish yet elegant feel.

Natural Style Photos

Miranda and Ronan wanted their wedding to be romantic, stylish and fun, and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. Miranda and Ronan asked me to capture the wedding ceremony as it happened. They wanted photographs that would help them to relive the occasion for years to come. Miranda was driven to the ceremony in an iconic London cab, and there’s a great photo of her about to climb out of the car. Her detailed vintage dress, romantic wildflower bouquet, and the huge grin on her face, set the tone for the wedding. There is a lovely photo of Miranda stood waiting with her bridesmaid and father just outside the ceremony venue. The blooming greenery behind them looks beautiful, and the wedding party look very smart as they wait to walk down the aisle. Miranda and Ronan wanted me to capture the emotion of the day, and this meant keeping an eye on the guests during the ceremony. As the readings were given, and the vows exchanged, Ronan’s father and brother were overcome with emotion. There’s a beautiful photograph showing the two men simultaneously wiping tears from their eyes. Weddings are emotional, and it’s an honour to be charged with capturing this raw emotion.

Evening Reception and Tango First Dance

Clissold House has huge windows that allow sunlight to stream through the building, highlighting the venue’s remarkable features. The wooden staircase curves down the length of the building. The sunlight shining through the domed window above. When I visited the venue prior to the wedding, I knew the staircase would make the perfect location for a photograph. Miranda and Ronan had requested a number of artistic shots in their wedding album. Photographs that would stand out from the crowd, so I decided to make the most of the romantic staircase. Miranda and Ronan sat at the bottom of the stairs on a heavy leather armchair, her on his knee, and I photographed them for above. The resulting photograph is perfect. The couple are framed by the curve of the staircase, with the vines twisting round the bannister, as they sit smiling happily at the camera. Miranda wanted some photographs to keep of her dressed as a bride. One of my favourite pictures from their wedding depicts Miranda seated on the balcony terrace. Miranda looks perfect, elegant and peaceful, with the colourful garden behind her. The photograph looks like a fashion advert, and the venue gives the photograph a feel of class and romance, as Miranda gazes into the distance. As is traditional, Ronan enjoyed a cigar with friends and family on the evening of his wedding. There’s a great photograph of him holding the cigar, a proud smile on his face, as his brother reaches across with a lighter.

Clissold House Wedding Photography in London

I am based in London, though I travel across the world photographing weddings. I offer an eclectic mix of photography styles including documentary, artistic and traditional posed shots. If you need Clissold House wedding photography in London, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements. I pride myself on working with my clients to make sure I take the photographs the want. Whatever your style, and whatever your tastes, I will work hard to give you what you want.