As a Boreham House wedding photographer, I have been honoured to capture celebrations in this picturesque listed mansion. The venue boasts all the things you could want from a stately home, including an avenue of trees and an idyllic formal lake. This stunning mansion is set within 35 acres of beautifully managed grounds in Essex not that far from Lonodn, making it the perfect place for your celebration photos. 

Dating back to Georgian times, this historic stately home boasts stunning views over the Vale of Chelmer. Constructed in 1730, this prestigious manor house is Grade 1 listed. Boreham House boasts an impressive porch making it the perfect place to impress your guests. The 24ft high ceilings, solid oak panelling and original fireplaces make this a unique venue for your big day. Henry VIII’s Tudor staircase is a piece of history worth including in your celebration. 

Wedding Photography At Boreham House

Boreham House is an excellent venue for a big day simply because it offers so much when it comes to picture locations! And it’s not far from London! The beautiful lake gives your images the edge, and it’s not hard to see why this is such a sought after venue. I was sure to include the lake in several images because it’s an iconic part of getting married here! I love the photograph taken from inside the porch, looking out at the guests arriving with the rectangular lake in the distance. 

The wedding breakfast was served in a marquee in the grounds of the stately home. A marquee always makes for beautiful images because they are light and look fresh. The couple chose a romantic pastel theme for their decorations, which looked perfect against the white backdrop of the marquee. 

Wedding Photos of Anisha and Rex at Boreham House in Essex

Romance At Boreham House Wedding Venue

The gardens at Boreham House are perfect for romantic wedding pictures. I took a stunning shot of the happy couple walking through the grounds at sunset. It’s essential to make the most of these natural lighting conditions because the resulting images are spectacular. This is one of my favourite images from the day because it catches the love and joy these two newlyweds were feeling as the sun set on their perfect day.

After a costume change, I took some more photographs of the couple in the grounds. By this time, the sun had disappeared, and the backdrop was the dark and moody sky. I love these pictures because the couple looks alone when there were hundreds of people there celebrating with them.

Documentary Wedding Photography In Essex

My documentary style captures the fun and laughter of your big day. From the skirts swishing across the dancefloor to the joy of the children running across the gardens in play, my images capture moments as they unfurl. Couples often thank me for capturing so many of their guests having fun, which fills me with pride.

I snap away as your friends hoot with laughter, and you steal a private kiss, and the younger guests run around causing mischief. I’ll capture the moments you’re too busy having fun to notice. Then, I’ll make sure the entire day is capture for you, so you can sit back and relive your special day over and over again.

If you’re looking for a Boreham House wedding photographer, get in touch today so we can discuss your requirements.