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I am Adam, a professional, reliable and friendly wedding photographer in Berkshire. I am based in London, but travel to Berkshire regularly to photograph weddings, engagement announcements and other celebrations. I am lucky enough to have been invited to photograph weddings all over the world, but the picturesque landscapes, historical architecture and deep forests in Berkshire are some of my favourite places to shoot. As an experienced wedding photographer Berkshire always makes for great wedding photos.

As a Berkshire wedding photographer, I am well acquainted with a number of the impressive venues this county has to offer. From the stately castles to the beautiful country houses nestled in the idyllic countryside, Berkshire is host to some of the country’s most inspiring wedding venues. With my unique photography style, I am able to capture the beauty and charm of your venue, as well as taking photographs that tell the story of your special day.

I love photography and it’s rare you’ll find me without a camera in my hand. I have quite an eclectic photography style, and am able to mix different styles together professionally to achieve the wedding album of your dreams. I consider my camera to be a memory keeper, and I will capture as much of your day as possible. From the moment you step into your bridal shoes, to your first dance with your new husband, I will capture it all with my camera.

One of the things I love most about weddings is how personal they are to the couple getting married. I have attended hundreds of weddings and can honestly say each one has been unique, special and personal to the bride and groom. I will capture the personal elements of your wedding, the things that make it truly yours.For a wedding photographer Berkshire is the perfect place to do all of that simply because of the stunning scenery and majestic venues on offer.

There are plenty of important things to photograph as a Berkshire wedding photographer , and I will make sure each of them is captured on film. From you walking down the aisle, to the exchange of the rings, the cutting of the cake and the speeches. Your wedding album will feature beautiful photographs of each of these important moments. You’ll be able to relive it all through your wedding photos.

But, to me, weddings are about so much more than that. Sometimes the most beautiful photographs come from the things that happened between those bigger moments, I call these the ‘in between moments’. These are the little things that most people probably don’t even notice. The way the groom squeezes your hand when you reach him at the altar, the look of pride on your dad’s face as he gives you away, the look of horror on your new mother-in-law’s face during the best man’s speech. The children hiding under a table, giggling, during the speeches, the sight of old friends catching up during the drinks reception, and the frivolity on the dance floor in the evening. These are the moments that tell the story of your wedding day.

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These are the photographs that will transport you back in time to your wedding day each time you look at them. They will allow friends and family who couldn’t make it to the celebrations feel like they were a part of it. They will remind your guests of how fun, special and happy your wedding day was. They make up the storybook of your wedding; the very first chapter of your married life. They are moments you will want to treasure forever, and that’s why I make it my duty to capture these special moments in time, because I know how important they are.

I also love taking artistic shots. These are the ones that end up framed in people’s houses, they may not capture the whole wedding, but they capture a perfectly beautiful moment in time. Luckily, the county has a lot to offer in the way of jaw-dropping backdrops, and that’s one reason I feel so lucky to be a wedding photographer Berkshire. From awe-inspiring sunsets that seem to include each and every colour of the rainbow, to leafy forests stretching out as far as the eye can see. If you’re wedding venue is in Berkshire, then there is guaranteed to be natural beauty only a few short steps away.

As a Berkshire wedding photographer, I like to invite my couples to take a walk around the venue grounds. Whilst the newlyweds wander, hand in hand, chatting amongst themselves, I take this opportunity to take some beautiful photographs of the couple in their wedding attire. One of the things I think is most important when it comes to good photography, is that it should feel and look natural. Even the most artistically beautiful photograph should feature people who are comfortable, relaxed and happy.

Natural and Relaxed Style Wedding Photography in Berkshire

It’s my job to make sure the bride and groom are at ease, and I haven’t ever failed at that yet. I am friendly, relaxed, unobtrusive and always build a good relationship with the people I photograph. Don’t worry if you’re camera shy, my friendly and relaxed manner will set you right at ease as you enjoy your big day. I usually suggest a pre-wedding shoot so that we can take some photographs before the big day. This not only means that you end up with some professional photographs of you together in clothes other than a big white dress, but it also means that we have a chance to get to know each other a little better.

I also suggest an initial meeting where we can discuss what you want from your wedding photography. Whether you’re looking for mostly posed shots of friends and family groupings, or a totally fly-on-the-wall style album, I can take photographs you’ll love. All you need to do is let me know what it is you want, and together we can make it happen. I can show you my portfolio of wedding photography, and you can pick out the photography styles you love. You can tell me more about the wedding, and even show me your Pinterest board, to give me more of an idea about your style and tastes.

Before the big day, I’ll pay a visit to your venue and have a look around for inspiration. I’ll look for the perfect backdrops for your wedding photos. From brightly coloured walls, to immense spiral staircases, inspiring views from a balcony, to the secluded woodland hideaway. I’ll look for places that will make for gorgeous photos, and then on the day we can take some photographs you’ll treasure forever. I pride myself on producing beautiful, exquisite wedding photographs filled with the emotion and love of the day.

If you would like to find out more about the services I offer, or would like to find out if I’m free on your big day, please do not hesitate to contact me. Drop me an email or call me up, and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. We can set up a meeting and you can tell me more about the sort of wedding photography you want, and then together we can make that dream a reality.