I was honoured to be asked to capture Nima and Karan’s wedding day. As you might expect from a traditional Asian wedding, the vibrant colours and awe-inspiring jewelry are the stuff of a photographer’s dreams. The deep oranges, warm pinks and shining golds are all beautiful colours to capture on film. They say the design is in the detail, and this was true of Nima and Karan’s wedding. From the hundreds of tiny beads adorning Nima’s sari, to the intricate Henna decorating the bridesmaid’s hands, this wedding was a stunning celebration of beauty, detail and love from start to finish.

Taking photos of an Asian wedding, is a special job that involves capturing the beauty and happiness of the day, and the celebration of two families coming together. It is also about taking photographs that tell the story of family traditions, cultural rituals and a rich heritage. There are so many elements to a traditional Asian wedding that deserve to be celebrated, photographed and remembered for years to come.

Asian Wedding Photos of Nima and Karan in London

Beautiful Asian Wedding Photography – Nima and Karan

Nima and Karan were such a lovely couple to work with. The love, warmth and friendship between these newlyweds is obvious the moment you meet them, and I feel my photographs capture this perfectly. The pride and excitement of these two wonderful individuals at their ceremony was easy to capture, as it dominated the day through smiles, laughter and shared looks. Their families were warm and welcoming, and made it easy to document the happiness and joy of two families uniting in marriage. I loved capturing Nima’s Mehndi, also known as Henna, and I think those photos are amongst my favourites from the day.

These intricate designs are applied for special occasions, and weddings in particular. It is tradition for the bride’s hands and feet to be decorated the night before the wedding, at a special party held for the bride and all her close female friends and family. These Mendhi or Henna parties are a much-loved tradition in the run up to an Asian wedding. I love the photograph of the Henna on Nima’s wrist, framed by her brightly coloured bangles and bracelets. The vibrant colours and age old traditions are what I love most about being an Asian wedding photographer. As well as the posed family shots you expect to see in a wedding album, I like to take a lot of documentary-style photos. I believe that the heart of the wedding is in the little moments between all of the important things. The nervous intake of breath as the Bride enters the room, the tearful embrace after the ‘I do’, and the heartful hug welcoming a new family member after the ceremony, these are the moments I try to capture.

In Nima and Karan’s wedding album, you can see the behind the scenes photos, and I feel these help to bring the wedding to life. While looking at the photos, you are transported to their wedding day. You can hear the groomsmen laughing as they prepare for the ceremony, and you can hear the hustle and bustle of the guests arriving at the venue before the wedding. Nima and Karan wanted the whole day to be captured, so that years from now, they can look book at the images and share the day with their grandchildren.

Unique and Beautiful Asian Wedding Photography in London Area

I had such a wonderful time photographing Nima and Karan’s perfect day. It is always an honour to be asked to capture a couple’s wedding day, and Nima and Karan were such lovely clients. I wish them a lifetime filled with love and happiness. If you would like unique and beautiful photos to serve as a reminder of the day you say ‘I do’, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can discuss your vision for the photos, and the types of shots you would like. I am an expert in reportage style beautiful Asian wedding photography, but can also take memorable group shots of your guests. I am always open to suggestions of how I can best capture your special day.

I work throughout the London area, also photographing weddings as far afield as Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey. So if you are looking for an Asian Wedding Photographer,  please do get in touch to discuss my availability.