Wedding Photos of Chinelo and Okey at Addington Palace in Croydon, Surrey

I was really happy when I was asked to work as as Addington Palace wedding photographer. Chinelo and Okey are such a lovely couple, and had loads of great ideas for their wedding album and the sorts of photographs they’d like to see in it. It’s always fun to work with a couple who are passionate about wedding photography as I am. I was really looking forward to taking Nigerian wedding photography at Addington Palace in Croydon.

Chinelo and Okey wanted a mix of photography styles, and to have as many photographs as possible to document the day. Chinelo and Okey asked me to focus on reportage style photography, capturing each moment of the wedding as it happened. As Addington Palace Wedding Photographer I love reportage style photography because it’s all about seeking out the beauty in every moment, and capturing those special mini-moments that people will want to remember.

I was very much looking forward to creating documentary style wedding photography at Addington Palace in Croydon, Surrey. The palace is a beautiful place to photograph, with history and charm oozing from every corner. The walls are lined with wood panels, the ceilings are covered in intricate detailing, and there are portraits of historical interest lining the walls. I was looking forward to spending the day as an Addington Palace wedding photographer.

Nigerian Wedding Photography at Addington Palace in Croydon

I met Chinelo at the venue room, to take photographs as she got ready for the big day with her bridesmaids. The bridesmaids were wearing matching dressing gowns, and everyone was sipping on champagne when I arrived. They were excited about the day ahead, sharing memories of days gone by, and preparing for what was to be a perfect day.

Once she had completed her transformation to blushing bride, I took some photographs of Chinelo as we waited for the ceremony to start. Chinelo posed for some artistic shots which turned out great. There is a beautiful black and white shot of Chinelo, in her white dress, standing in an open doorway at Addington Palace. The dark wood floors, and beautiful dark wood doors, frame the photograph perfectly, and the sunlight streaming in from behind Chinelo gives the photograph a beautiful contrast.

I waited inside the church for the ceremony to start, and captured that exciting moment right at the start of the ceremony, as the guests start to turn round in anticipation of the bride’s entrance. As the page boy runs towards the camera, the guests are beginning to turn round to see Chinelo begin her walk down the aisle. It’s a beautiful photography and really captures that anticipation and excitement, as well as capturing the page boy’s sprint to the altar.

I left the church with the guests, and positioned myself in front of the steps. So that I could capture Chinelo and Okey walking out into the fresh air after saying their vows. Never have two people looked so happy. It’s such a beautiful photograph, and really captures the joy that was present outside the church that day. After the wedding, Chinelo and Okey asked me to take some posed shots of them with their wedding party outside the venue. As the bridesmaids and ushers gathered for photos, the mood was joyful – I always feel lucky that my job is photographing people at their happiest – Addington Palace Wedding Photographer.

Documentary style wedding Photography at Addington Palace in Croydon, Surrey

Please contact me to discuss documentary style wedding photography at Addington Palace in Croydon, Surrey. I am passionate about capturing the emotions of the day, and pride myself on capturing the in between moments – the eyes meeting across a crowded room, the reassuring smiles, and the loving hand holds. These are the moments that truly make your wedding unique, the unscripted moments that showcase for everyone the love and happiness you feel as you start your married lives. Please get in touch to discuss my availability, and find out more about the services I offer and if you want me to be your Addington Palace Wedding Photographer.

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