Destination Wedding’s 10 Dream Locations

If you’ve decided to hop on a plane and say I do abroad, the world is your oyster. Below you will find my choice for 10 Dream Locations for Destination Weddings. You can pretty much choose from absolutely any country on earth for your big day. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, it is, but it can also be a little bit overwhelming. Trying to find the perfect wedding venue in your hometown can be a tricky enough decision, but when you open up the location to include anywhere in the world, well, how do you know where to start? The world is filled with amazing, romantic and special places that could be the perfect location for your big day.

Even a well-traveled couple might find it hard to narrow it down to just one place. And if you haven’t seen much of the world, how do you know which country will be the perfect backdrop for your big day? If you’re thinking of a destination wedding, you’ll be relying on online reviews, blogs and websites to give you the lowdown on the venues on your shortlist. To help get started on that shortlist, here is a list of 10 breath-taking locations for your destination wedding:

1. Italy

Italy is arguably one of the most romantic countries in the world. The scenery is simply breath-taking, with white beaches reaching out into the turquoise sea. The white painted houses climbing high into the hills, and the luscious greenery spreading as far as the eye can see. The food is, of course, divine and you won’t be disappointed by the local wine. The Italian culture is one that respects and celebrates love, making it the perfect place to start your married life. A summer wedding in Italy is one remembered for beautiful weather, great food and unbelievable scenery.

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2. Mauritius

Mauritius is a popular honeymoon destination, so why not start your honeymoon early by saying I do on the white sandy beaches of this amazing country? Mauritius has the ‘wow’ factor many couples are looking for when they decide to tie the knot abroad. If you’re dreaming about an intimate wedding ceremony in paradise, Mauritius might be just the place you’re looking for. The hotels are nothing short of amazing and there are excursions and activities to entertain every guest during their stay. For a luxury destination wedding experience, Mauritius is definitely worth considering.

3. Portugal

Portugal is often described as a ‘hidden gem’, less popular than Italy but just as easy to get to, Portugal boasts some beautiful historic architecture. Famous for its stunning weather and gorgeous seas, Portugal is a great destination for your big day. The only downside is that Portugal has pretty strict criteria about who can get married there, so you may find you struggle to have your actual wedding ceremony there. Many couples choose to have a blessing in Portugal instead, so they still get to experience the wonders of a wedding abroad.

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4. Las Vegas

If you’re looking for something a little different out of your destination wedding, Las Vegas might be the perfect place to exchange vows. You’ll get to enjoy the sunshine and holiday feel but with the added excitement of the casinos, chapels and party atmosphere. Famously a go-to destination for US couples to elope, you can add a bit of extra excitement to your wedding day by choosing this world-renowned location. And, of course, you can even have Elvis perform the ceremony for you, what could be better?

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5. Croatia

Croatia has some of the most beautiful landscapes on offer in Europe. From the stunning waterfalls in the national parks to the famous pebbly beaches and idyllic harbours in seaside towns. Croatie has a mix of pebbly and sandy beaches, quiet hidden beaches and busy city spots. Whatever you’re looking for in a wedding venue, Croatia is likely to offer it.

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6. Israel

Israel is a beautiful country. From the simply stunning architecture to the dry deserts and luscious greenery, Israel has plenty to offer in the way of wedding locations. If you’re hoping to so I do on golden sands, you won’t be disappointed on Israel’s golden shores. Some couples even choose to throw a beach party afterwards, celebrating in style with all their friends and family. If you’d prefer something a little more vogue, perhaps a city centre venue would appeal. The nightclubs, stunning night views and hustle bustle of Israel’s city can add something pretty unique to your destination wedding. Many Jewish couples from across the world decide to head to Israel to celebrate their big day in style. Israel isn’t just your average destination wedding location, it is steeped in history and holds that special something or many Jewish couples hoping to tie the knot.

7. Hawaii

Hawaii is a dream destination wedding venue for US couples tying the knot. Hawaii is famous for its long, sandy beaches, crisp blue ocean and simply gorgeous landscapes. With a relaxed vibe, Hawaii is a great place to celebrate with your friends and family. From the traditional hula girls to the world famous hippy vibes, Hawaii has something to offer everyone, especially your destination wedding photographer. The breath-taking beaches, beautiful weather and simply stunning landscapes will give your destination wedding photographer plenty of opportunities to create the perfection wedding album for you to treasure forever.

bride and groom are are posing in the cave in Algavre Praia de Benagil standin in the sea

8. France

Paris is known around the world as ‘the city of love’, so where better to tie the knot than this romantic country? If you’re looking for a city wedding, Paris could be the location of your dreams. Imagine how stunning your wedding album would be with the Eiffel Tower gleaming away in the background. If it’s rustic country charm you’re after, you won’t have to look for in France. From beautiful seaside towns to idyllic villages nestled in the mountains, France has lots of beautiful little wedding venues for you to choose from. Celebrate your big day surrounded by your loved ones as you enjoy the local wines and cheeses on offer in the local area.

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9. Thailand

Thailand has received awards for being one of the best locations for destination weddings, so you’re in pretty safe hands if you choose to get married here. Thailand boasts beautiful weather, paradise-like beaches and delicious food, and could be the location of your dream destination wedding. Many couples choose to honeymoon in Thailand, so it’s the perfect location for a romantic wedding. From deep-sea diving, elephant sanctuaries and city sights, your guests will have plenty of things to see during their stay. Lots of couples choose to get married in Thailand so this country is well-equipped for destination weddings. You’ll find there’s a great mix of venues and planners to choose from.

10. Jamaica

Jamaica is a very beautiful country. It has stunning rainforests, dreamy beaches and weather to die for. Say your vows under the Caribbean sun as you immerse yourself in the rich Caribbean culture. If you can’t decide whether you want your wedding album to feature magical waterfalls, deep rainforests or breath-taking beaches, Jamaica is the destination for you. This amazing country boasts all of the above – and more. Jamaica is famous for its romance, fun and adventure, making it a great choice for your destination wedding.

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So this was my selection for 10 Dream Locations for Destination Wedding, hope you enjoyed the read and the photos  and if you are looking for a destination wedding photographer please contact me to check my availability.